The Club That Knew Infinity

The Club That Knew Infinity

Mar 20, 2017 | Anshuman Bebarta

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It all began, supposedly in the 400 BC in ancient Greece, when humans first needed to keep track of their possessions. However, it never ceases to amaze us that how something that began with markings of 4 lines with a fifth line struck across them to represent 5 credible units has become so fundamental, though equally powerful, that it rules our lives and intellects. Not convincing enough? Think of it this way, you won’t have been able to read this on your computer or your phone if there were no mathematics.

So, as trivial or trite it may seem to have a mathematics club in the institute, it’s important that the academic section needs some backup in the form of clubs and independent projects. Catering to that need, Axiom, the mathematics club of NITR has been recruiting proficient mathematic inquisitors from the institute who work relentlessly hard in order to have an environment conducive to promote mathematics.

They organise in-house discussions which are open to NITR junta including the club members where they focus on increasing aptitude skills by solving logical and reasoning problems. The club organises documentary screenings and GDs on regular basis as well. They organise guest lecture every year in the even semester and a school event in the odd semester. They also had a workshop for young entrepreneurs by Dr. Sridhar Das of XIMB, Bhubaneswar, which helped the young developing minds in many ways. They have guest lecturers from their alumnus in Xavier School of Management (XLRI) a business school in Jamshedpur, India.

The Axiom club of NITR organised a challenging fun game for the all the witty mathematics nerds - Jail and Bail 2.0. Axiom has always been the dominant force in wooing a considerable portion of the visiting populace to its events during Innovision. Innovision’16 was no different with this event winning the attention and the hearts of the crowd alike. With a successful total of 72 participants, the event saw the Axiom club coming up with challenging Sudoku puzzles in the first round while the second round consisted of fun events like paper basketball, building pyramids and breaking those using balls from a certain distance, flipping pencils, etc.

On the second day of Innovision 2k16, Axiom club of NITR organised an event called Mystery trail which was a competitive event involving a quiz on simple mathematical logic where each team had to solve the paper containing 15 questions. After that, the second round of the event unravelled itself as a treasure hunt. Each team had to clear 6 pit stops to emerge as the winner. With a participation number close to 100, the event was one of the most successful events of Innovision.

Every year Axiom comes up with a mathematical gazette, “VILOKANAM” and this year it got released on Republic Day by our director. However, the magazine which was aimed towards reaching all the students in the first year could not be made possible as there was much hassle during the sanctioning of the club funds which was already inadequate to carry out the existing club events. So limited number of copies were printed and distributed in the first year hostels and to the professors in the mathematics department.

However, the club hasn’t participated in any national events and has failed to motivate students to be a part of it which is another major area of concern. This remains a major drawback for the club's activities. Also, the club has not been able to come up with any new event.

Talking about the future visions for the club, Kumar Krishanjeet, the president of the club said,

We had to cut down a lot of our events due to the reduction in the club budget this academic year. However, we will bring in more events and in-house discussions from next year onwards. One major program we have thought to introduce is free mock tests in the formats of the written rounds we have during placements.

Mathematics is an enigma to most of us who complain about its triviality and question its use in their future but it inspires great awe in the hearts of those people who study maths not merely as a discipline, but as a way of their life. Clubs like Axiom have a long way to go and especially in a country like India where the education system fails to find and groom even gifted mathematicians like Ramanujan who are left with no option but to go Cambridge to continue developing research theories, makes the uplifting of research in mathematical domains all the more necessary.



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