Following the footsteps: Japan Internship Information Session

Following the footsteps: Japan Internship Information Session

Mar 21, 2017 | Rohit Biswas

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On the evening of 16th February 2017, an information session about the internship opportunities provided by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan to students all around the globe was organized by Pasona, India. The event started with Anurag Saha Roy, a final year student from the branch of Electrical Sciences who had recently pursued the program, recounting his experience as an intern in Japan during the months of September to December 2017.His presentation presented a detailed analysis about the life of an Indian intern in Japan. It included information on his tenure as an automation engineer in a power plant, cultural and social adjustment, expenses of the internship and the stipend provided for the same. In spite of being in one of the odd ongoing semester his presentation motivated students to attempt this internship in lieu of the larger benefits that it provided.

This was followed by a presentation on Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) by Mohita Modgill, coordinator for the internship program on behalf of Pasona, India. This presentation highlighted the important pre-requisites for the internship, the course of internship and post-internship benefits. Even though the internship is scheduled in Japan, it is English and not Japanese that is the basic requirement of this internship.  Some other pre-requisites include basic knowledge and clarity in the subjects till the current year of engineering and the ability to gel up in a completely new environment so as to give maximum output during the internship. The selection procedure is immensely dependent on the resume of a student and hence after the initial round of shortlisting it is through the consequent rounds of skype interview that an individual is deemed fit and qualified for the internship. Since the internship is provided by METI, a student can be placed in any of the participating companies throughout the major cities of Japan like Kyoto, Tokyo etc. Except the fare of traveling to the nearest international airport for an intern in India everything else including the traveling costs is reimbursed by the company. Other than this a generous stipend in Japanese currency (Yen ) is provided to the intern which varies from company to company. After returning to the parent country, an intern becomes the ambassador of this program in their respective campus, through which the information is passed on to a larger batch of students by a first-hand account.

The session finally concluded with a presentation by Mr.Dibya Gyan Murti on their company Pasona, India about its operation in India and Japan. It provided information about the work culture and employee environment in Pasona. The enthusiastic students were asked to fill up the feedback form about the session.

For further details visit their website: Japan Internship Program




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