Digging It Out - The Miners' Haven: MINARE 2017

Digging It Out - The Miners' Haven: MINARE 2017

Mar 27, 2017 | Anubhav Kar Gyan Prakash Sahoo

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The fourth edition of MINARE brought with it a world of possibilities for the future miners as the Mining Department of NITR came up with an exhibition of academic and cultural fervour as the three day-long event was filled with numerous intriguing guest lectures from eminent personalities from IMFA, IIT KGP and Coal India Limited. From 24th March 2017 to 26th March 2017, the lanes near the Mining department as well as the BBA and PPA witnessed some of the most exciting events such as Bid to Win, Dumb Charades, Geo Botics and so on which kept the crowd entertained all day long.

All in all, the participation was more as compared to the previous year despite the non-involvement of some colleges which featured in the previous editions of MINARE. Team MM went to the various events and the detailed analysis is as follows


Budget and accommodation

The budget for MINARE 2017 was INR 2 lakhs, a significant amount of which came from sponsorships from companies like IMFA and OCL. The accommodation for the participants was arranged in Satish Dhawan Hall of Residence. The student leaders consisted of General Secretary Surya Jyoti Nanda, Vice President Abinash Swain and Joint Secretary Sonal Shivam.


Day 1: Registration and Inauguration

Day 1 of MINARE 2017 began with registrations by the participants in the department from 9 am, followed by them shifted to Satish Dhawan Hall of Residence, where accommodation was arranged by the organising committee. A footfall of 120 participants from institutes like IIEST, Shibpur, Adarsh College of Engineering (ACE), Angul, GCE Keonjhar, VNS Bhopal and others was witnessed.

The official inauguration ceremony was organised in PPA from 5:30 pm. The guest panel constituted of Shree Sanjeev Das, Head of Mining Business Unit at IMFA Ltd., who was the Chief guest, Prof. Animesh Biswas, Director, NIT Rourkela, Prof. H K Naik, Adviser, Prof. M K Mishra, President of Mining Engineering Society (MES) and Mr. Manoj Pati. Post-inauguration, the Chief Guest conducted a seminar on the prospective of Mining in the industrial field. The event ended on a good note with Prof M K Mishra welcoming all the participants and ensuring them that their stay for these three days will be a memorable one.


Day 2

On day 2, the following events were organized:-

Event Name





11 am

Quiz on geology

Akash Mitra, Probeer Mondal(NIT)


2:15 pm

To sell a product in three phases

Srinivas Choudhury,Abhishek Dash, Ashis Reddy(GCE)

Dum charades

3:30 pm

To identify the actions

Tarini Goutam, Pratyush Pradhan(NIT)


4:30 pm

Workshop on mining softwares FLAC, SURPAC



10:45 pm

Bot has to carry ore to specific positions by crossing hurdles.

Priyanshu, Rishav, Sooraj (GCE)

Two events, Enviro Case Study and Exodus got postponed to the final day due to a meeting amongst the faculty of the department.


Musical Night

The lifting tunes and compositions of music rejuvenate and relax the minds of the listeners. Keeping this in mind, the organising committee organised a Musical Night on the 2nd day in BBA from 7:00 pm onwards. The event commenced with the performance by Heartbeats. Tunes of Duaa and Marjaaiyan by Amrutha, Bulleya by Sachin and many such soulful songs created an aura in the airs of the auditorium. Following this, energetic performances by the two dance clubs of NIT, Synergy and Mavericks earned a lot of laurels from the audience. The evening ended with DJ by Shockwaves of Drill n Bass.


Day 3

On day 3, the following events were organized :-

Event Name




Carte Blanche

8:30 am

Paper presentation on any topic out of 15 given topics

P.Nikhil, O.Sreeram(ACE)


9 am

Mine case study and providing solutions by a presentation

Rishabh Lala, Priyanshu Pal(GCE)

Enviro Case Study

9:30 am

Presentation of a given problem statement

Satya Prakash Naik, Patrish Mishra(GCE)

Survey Fever

10 am

Mine surveying data was provided and participants presented their views.

Abhishek Dash, Srinivas Choudhury(GCE)

Poster Design

11 am

Poster designing based on a theme out of given 14 themes

Nimish Patnaik, Sougat Kumar Sarangi, Deepak Panda(NIT)


2:35 pm

Quiz based on mining processes

Sk Md Elahi, Nimish Patnaik,Deepak Panda(NIT)

Horcrux Hunt

3:30 pm

Treasure hunt

Dipik, Swaroop,Satya Sundar Sahani(NIT)


Closing Ceremony

MINARE 2017 received a farewell with the closing ceremony held in BBA from 6:30 pm onwards. The guest panel constituted of Prof. B S Sastri, Chief Guest, Er S K Pal, Guest of Honour and Prof M K Mishra. The Chief Guest first addressed the gathering and it was followed by the prize distribution ceremony by him. The evening concluded on a good note with Surya Jyoti Nanda, General Secretary, giving a vote of thanks to all the participants for participating and making MINARE a grand success and the faculty and other members of the department for their help and support in organising the events.

On getting in touch with Surya and asking him about how did the entire fiesta go, he replied

This year, the turnout was 120 as compared to 66 in the previous year. Seeing the participation, we expect more turnout in the next year as people have started showing more interest in the events. We received enough support from the institute, which was one of the prime reasons for the increase in turnout.

Overall, MINARE was a successful extravaganza in terms of both organisation and turnout. It maintained its thunder and spark throughout the three days.



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