Of Trials And Triumphs: BITS Hyderabad Success Story

Of Trials And Triumphs: BITS Hyderabad Success Story

Mar 27, 2017 | Sejal Singh Satyajit Mahapatra

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Of all the things that NITR boasts of, its flourishing club culture is one that never ceases to surprise and impress people alike. A storehouse of talent and an epitome of enthusiasm, these clubs have gone on to carve a niche for themselves in national as well as international circuit, despite all the odds that came their way.

The same excellence was put to the front recently as Birla Institute of Science and Technology Pilani, Hyderabad Campus organised their annual Cultural Fest Pearl from the 17th of March to the 19th of March. The fest with the theme ‘A Carnivalesque Episode’ was a blockbuster as it witnessed a footfall of more than 5000 students. The official dance club of NITR, Synergy and Cinematics made their way into various events of the fest and emerged victorious in their respective domains. Team MM brings to you the success story of both these clubs as they carved their name in the glorious book of the institute’s biggest success stories.


Synergy, the official Dance Club of NIT Rourkela, has created a reputation for itself for giving spectacular performances with a smooth inculcation of various dance forms and bringing out creative amalgamation of energetic moves with a witty musicality.

Synergy’s winning streak at Footloose, NU, a rather commendable hat-trick (2014, 2015 & 2016) was broken this time, which resulted in the team dealing with a lot of pressure when it came to Terpsichore, the Group Dance event at Pearl ‘17, the annual Cultural Fest of BITS Hyderabad. Synergy had to compete with well-known crews such as UURJA (Hansraj College), Live Wire Crew (VNR VJIT), RAIT ,IIT Madras etc. and had bleak hopes of winning.

However, Synergy surpassed all expectations as they rocked the stage with an unusual “Halloween Party” theme, portrayed with a foot-tapping and engaging collection of songs, impeccable energy and synchronization and most importantly originality. It was for the first time that “Captain Jack Sparrow” was seen flirting with “Harley Quinn” and the scary “Valak” being outnumbered by “Mr. Bean”. The rendition of Michael Jackson’s unforgettable number “Thriller” was an instant hit with the audience as well as the judges at Hyderabad. The crew’s hard work was awarded with hoots, claps and cheers and a standing ovation from the entire crowd (a rarity with the BITS audience). The performance kept the audience talking about it long after it was over, and the fact that it came from a bunch of students who belonged to an engineering college and not a professional crew speaks versions of Synergy’s hard work and determination. Nonetheless, Synergy was titled as the victors of Terpsichore 2017.


Over the years, Synergy has not only grown as a crew but has also allowed its members to grow and learn on an individual level throughout the years. Adding to their victory in Terpsichore, at BITS Hyderabad, was Sumeet Sahu’s win in the solo Dance category. Aishwarya Shreshtha also made it to the Top 3 of the event.

When asked about his experience with the crew at Pearl ’17, Vivek Guthula, President of Synergy, could not conceal his happiness at winning Terpsichore. Having seen the club in the darkest of times, to leading it towards this remarkable victory, Vivek believes it is the hard work of the crew that has brought them the laurels:

The culmination of our winning streak at Footloose, NU this year was kind of a setback but now we all agree that it was a blessing in disguise. The work that we did in the next 15 days was unparalleled. This performance has a lot of heart, sweat and creativity put into it and to see it gain such appreciation is the best that we could have hoped for. Since the past 3 years we have never returned from any trip bare-handed. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up this trend!

  • 2015-SRIJAN, Ism Dhanbad –Winners
  • 2016-Springfest, IIT KGP- 1st Runners up
  • 2017- Pearl, BITS Hyderabad- Winners

Synergy has done it every single time, and with the kind of determination that they put on display at BITS Hyderabad, it should only be a short time till they add a couple more feathers to their cap.


Cinematics too met its fair share of fortune by making its mark in Pearl ‘17. The team and its talented members not only proved their mettle in videography but also made it a point to narrate their story in the most impressive manner, using flawless production values and a script like no other.

VividH, a one-of-its-kind video making competition was organised by Catharsis, the annual Film Festival of BITS, Hyderabad. The event invited video entries (short films, mobile made clips, and documentaries), photo stories or motion posters with a 50 word write-up from the participating teams. The videos were aimed at bringing out the beauty in the diversity of traditions and culture in one’s locality and identifying their role in making India the incredible nation that it is.

Cinematics bagged the second prize in the event with their short movie ‘B Positive’. The club casted Bharti Pathak, Abhishek Mishra and Aakash Dasari for the movie. The movie was shot in backpost and at various other locations spread across the campus over the span of less than a week.

The team also participated in ‘Kaleidoscope’, a short movie event on the third day of Catharsis Film Festival, with a movie titled ‘The Cahier’. The movie managed to break into the top 25 out of the 71 entries received. However, the team could not make it as the event was meant for production houses only.

Pavan Kalyan, an alumnus who was previously a part of Cinematics, was all praises for the work that the members put in to come up with the video in such a short period of time, and is hopeful that the team will fare even better in the times to come:

It was an inspiring experience for us. Although we couldn’t win, we are happy that we were at par with the production houses that participated.

Pavan Kalyan and Abhishek Kuthum continued their winning streak by bagging prizes in the candid (without any previous setup or posing people) photography contest ‘Expressions’. The competition sought to test the ‘Photography in the Moment’ skill of the contestants wherein each day of the event participating photographers had to capture images subject to a theme provided by the organisers. Pavan Kalyan kissed the gold on the first day with the theme smiling faces while Abhishek Kuthum on the second day, when the theme was surprise.

Adding laurels to the crown, Abodid Sahoo bagged the second prize (Rs.2000) in the event ‘Digital Art’, with Vupathi Bhusan Sahoo standing third (Rs.1000). The event required the participant to sketch their ideas on a digital canvas with software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

The team attended several workshops and guest talks organised by Team Pearl. Team MM quotes Abhishek Kuthum, who says,

The workshops and the talks were really a great experience. The guest talks by General Bikram Singh, Nimisha Verma and Wajid Khan were really enriching. We especially enjoyed he workshop on Typography and Digital Art by Ranganath Krishnamani Krishnamanita. It was an enticing and exhilarating workshop.

Team MM congratulates both the clubs as well as the individual winners for their success at Pearl ’17 and wishes them luck for all their future endeavours.

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