Helping Design the World: Talk on UX Choreography and Motion Design

Helping Design the World: Talk on UX Choreography and Motion Design

Apr 03, 2017 | Nikhil Vobbilisetty

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The second speaker for Day 1 of Roots, April 1st, 2017 was Saptarshi Prakash. He is currently working as a Product Designer for Zeta, a company based in Bangalore. An alumnus of Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Mr Prakash’s hunger for knowledge and desire to learn is inspiring. A manager and a designer, this engineer spoke on Motion Design and UX choreography.

It began with him talking about his train ticket from Ranchi to Rourkela, where he found a lot of information to be unnecessary and hence was difficult for him to find relevant information. He went on to explain how consumers of any product don’t like to read a lot of text and hence end up scrolling without reading. This is where UX artists step in. He went on to tell how it becomes the responsibility of a graphics designer to grab the attention of the otherwise very uninterested readers, who have a very low attention span. He told the audience of how people like him work on improving audience interactions with the products, by using techniques like Transitions, making Feedback interesting, Shifting Focus, Delighters, etc. Some of the tools he’s been using are Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. He proved to the audience that Motion design isn’t that difficult, and anyone with a burning passion for learning can do it. The presentation was very attractive and failed in no aspect to gather the attention of the audience, and hence the audience found it fascinating and indulging.

Although the talk was supposed to begin at 11:00 am, it began at 12:10 PM, as the first talk began late and ended around 12:00 PM, after which refreshments were provided to the participants. It was to be held in the Civil Seminar Hall, but the venue shifted to the seminar hall of Computer Science, where the first workshop by Darshan Gajara was held, due to the crowd being present in there. The talk saw somewhere between 50-100 participants, which was a good turnout considering it was on the morning of a Saturday. As a token of appreciation, Mr Prakash was presented with a memento on behalf of team ROOTS. Mr Spatarshi gave a very informative seminar and received great feedback from the audience, who left the hall without any regrets of getting up on a Saturday morning. When MM talked to him, he said: 

In the little bit interaction I had with the people who attended the talk, I did feel that there are many enthusiastic people in your institute. I did not expect such a good turnout on Saturday. I was flattered. Seeing the turnout itself, I can say that the people are interested and them sitting through the entire lecture and asking questions was definitely good. I feel that a lot of people will get into this field, if  shown the right direction.



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