Blessings with a Difference: Bless 'n' Bliss

Blessings with a Difference: Bless 'n' Bliss

Apr 03, 2017 | Abyakta Patra Yasmin Kukul

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It all began when a few students of NITR, moved, on seeing a number of children working in the construction sites of the institute decided to form an NGO. The sight of weak women and children struggling to earn their livelihood pushed them out of their comfort zone and they started thinking of ways to contribute to their lives. Thus, was born the idea of 'Helping Hands' later renamed as Bless ‘n’ Bliss, by Mr. Aakar Kapoor, the treasurer of the organisation. The sole motto of the organisation was to serve and care for the mankind and they always encouraged service in any form. In due course of time, they have engaged themselves in several activities and have expanded their bases from the small town of Rourkela to bigger cities.

Currently, they operate from four different cities, namely Rourkela, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar and Jajpur. A few of the massive projects that they have undertaken in recent times include:

1) Donation of more than 2000 pieces of clothes to the dwellers of Chhend Colony, Rourkela on Jan 26, 2016

2) Donation of 500 notebooks, mattresses and other daily-use items to students of Birsa Munda Vidyapith, Rourkela on June 20, 2016

3) Conducting a Painting competition in Ranchi on June 24, 2016, in collaboration with Hamara Bachpan Campaign.

4) Donation of 50 benches for 200 students worth Rs. 1.5 lakhs to Auro Integral School, Jajpur, Odisha on Dec 6, 2016, with their sponsorship partner L&T Construction.

5) Enabling Drinking Water facility for 380 students at Jajpur, Odisha by donating 1 Borewell worth Rs. 1.7 lakhs on March 4, 2017, with the co-operation of their sponsorship partner L&T Construction.

6) Donation of more than 4000 clothes to dwellers of Bondamunda village in Rourkela on March 8, 2017.


For the numerous projects that they have undertaken in the last one year, they have received the helping hands of many organisations and corporate firms. The following list encloses the details of the sponsors who have played a major role in making Bless ‘N’ Bliss a success:

1) Sponsorship of INR 3.2 LAKHS from L&T Construction which was used for the donation of benches and construction of borewells.

2) Sponsorship of INR 2 LAKHS from Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd., (a firm from Mumbai) which was used for conducting classes on Self-defence

3) Monthly donations amounting to almost INR 30,000 from the alumni of NIT Rourkela.

The NGO had begun with a simple donation drive in the institute. In almost eighteen months of existence, the progress and support has been phenomenal. Their major projects viz. gender equality and self-defence for girls sprung up while interacting with myriad of people across all spaces. Along with the ideas, they have also received umpteen support from their coordinators at various cities and the alumni of NIT-R have also played a major role in making this drive a success.

Future Plans:

With the mission to eradicate illiteracy, they are planning to support underprivileged children financially, with the collaboration of Principals of different schools. Their plan also involves opening schools of Bless ‘n’ Bliss in cities and villages; under which less privileged children would attain primary education, without paying a fee. Eradicating gender inequality is also on their list and they are taking up the issue of combating crimes against women- by building the physical and mental strength of women in the society. There are plans to conduct self-defense classes in different schools of Odisha and Jharkhand and would gradually expand to the rest of India. They envision that this effort would make women strong and empowered to fight against crimes perpetrated against them.

Classes in Bhubaneswar are going to begin from April, for which they would collaborate with 'Balram Defence School' -which would be providing them with qualified trainers to carry out self -defence classes. They have also had talks with the transgender societies of Bhubaneswar and Jajpur, so that they could help them by volunteering in their activities. Bless ‘N’ Bliss in-turn could help them to remove the social dogmas put up against them and would prove them their worth in the society.


As per the words of Akram Ansari, the founder of the organisation,

The four or five years that you spend in college is indeed the best time of your life. Live it to the fullest and never regret a day. Be thankful to the Almighty for giving you the opportunity to study in such a renowned institute. Besides that be selfless, think of the ways in which you can contribute to the society and don’t take it for granted.

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