Viva La Vida Poetry: Euphoric Epiphanies

Viva La Vida Poetry: Euphoric Epiphanies

Apr 03, 2017 | Sharmishtha

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One of the performers at Roots 2k17 was Euphoric Epiphanies, a blog that is about a sweet revolution and is a contributor in the field of “Spoken Word Poetry” commonly known as Slam Poetry. Euphoric Epiphanies consists of two poets, Ditsa Bhattacharya and Puspangana Singh from Delhi University. Ditsa Bhattacharya is a 2nd-year History student at Pannalal Girdharilal Dayanand Anglo Vedic College and Puspangana Singh is a 3rd-year Microbiology student at Gargi College.  Euphoric Epiphanies was made viable in 2016 and since then they have attended many workshops on slam poetry but performed in one for the first time.

Talking of the event, it started at 10:40 A.M. in the Seminar Hall of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, although it had been scheduled at 10:00 A.M. It started with the formal introduction of the performers and later they showed a video on Button Poetry to the audiences. This was followed by the introduction of Spoken word poetry and the De Rigueur. In lieu of going along the lines of having a formal speech session, the performers decided to have a dissimilar one. They had framed a set of assignments that helped an audience to unleash the poet in them instead of mere listening.

The first exercise consisted of a newspaper round, in which each one of the audiences was provided with a newspaper sheet and had to form poetic sentences using the words of an article. The speakers later encouraged the students to speak out loud their creation. The second exercise was “Three things I know to be true”, in which an audience had to write the same according to their own perception and experience along with an explanation. The speakers completed the exercises as well along with the students and all these writing were succeeded by reading out them loud in the room. The third exercise was about expressing an abstract feeling in a sensory manner and describing them in the context of five senses. The fourth one was a questionnaire round which was a pre-requisite for the fifth assignment. The fifth and final assignment was about the framing of an individual poetry for which some clues had been provided in the fourth and second assignment.  In midst of the event, some of the button poetry videos were played such as Neil Hilborn’s “OCD” and Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye’s “When Love Arrives”.

When the event started nearing the end, there was a poetry reading session. It included the ones created during the event and even the ones that were created before. The performers read out their pieces and later the audiences followed the same. An audience, Nehal Singh performed a lyrical song which was his own creation. After its completion, audiences reached out to the speakers in the appraisal of the event and about the meticulosity, with which it was carried out. They even got their doubts cleared on how to get their own Spoken poetry organization started.

Following this, Team MM had an informal talk with the speakers about their general lifestyle and journey and here we would be presenting their quoting:

DB: I started writing at a very early stage in my mother tongue, Bengali. I started writing prose instead of poetry. I started writing in English only in my 11th standard. There is a huge poetry scene going on in Delhi and in a contrasting manner, I thought to construct myself in the prose arena.

 PS:I started writing prose since an age I don’t remember. I hail from Varanasi and after entering the college and seeing the poetry lifestyle, I realized that there is a scope for more and for growing. We came to know each other in college and later became friends in May 2016.

Both: Subsequently, we both came up with this idea of having a spoken poetry blog and then we started writing about several hot topics such as LGBTQ issues and Mental illnesses. We attended several workshops in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and other cities wherever sessions were held. And similarly, hen we had to conduct our own workshop, the thought of it was an enthralling experience. “Roots” is an encouraging platform for artists to come up and showcase their talents. Later on, we decided to have an interactive and evaluative session and we came up with the plan of it in an hour. For the future, we have planned to get the blog registered as an organization officially and take it to higher heights.



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