Striving to Succeed: SPAWN

Striving to Succeed: SPAWN

Apr 03, 2017 | Nikhil Vobbilisetty

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SPAWN, a club under Technical Society, SAC was founded in the year 2011, with a goal to create an environment of programming in NIT Rourkela by gathering people with skills in the fields of Security, Programming, Android, Web Design and Networking – (hence the name).

SPAWN conducts classes on Data structure, competitive coding, and programming languages for the students of our institute. They also established a “Hardware Museum” under the guidance of their faculty advisor Prof. Pankaj Kumar Sa, which was inaugurated by our former director Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi, in the year 2016. The museum is not yet open to the public. The club is planning on organizing an exhibition, where they will showcase computer hardware that they use every day, starting from the old models used in the 1990s to the high-end ones used now. They also organized classes on C, C++, MATLAB and Data structure with Bhubaneswar based computer training organizations like Lakshya and LIT this year.

SPAWN was given a budget of INR 30,000 this year. Though this is a fairly good budget for any coding club, they hope that the budget goes up to at least INR 40,000 next year, considering their work in the hardware museum. They plan on investing the money in buying more hardware for the museum. This year, they faced problems in settling bills and getting money in time.

Other than organizing classes and workshops throughout the year, they organized various events.

In Innovision 2k16, they had organized 3 events successfully:

Codex 16.0: Pre-Innovision week (29th Oct 2016)
Statistics of CODEX 16.0:

  • Signup Count: 549
  • Total Cumulative Signups: 552 (includes signups after the end of the contest)
  • Login Count: 434
  • Login Conversion Rate: 79.05 %
  • Number of Users Who Submitted Code: 175


This was a 2-day event, which had a total participation of 120 people. It had three rounds with puzzles, a clue-based hunt etc. for ‘virtual money’. 5 teams with the highest virtual money would qualify for finals, where they had to sell a product to a panel of judges.


Python Workshop with an introduction to Data Science

A two-day workshop was conducted during Innovision, in which class was taken by Debakant Kar, a student of Computer Science and Engineering in his third year, and Bhaskar Chandra Behera, a student of Mathematics in his third year. Nearly 40 students attended this workshop.

Coding competitions are generally conducted on coding platforms like HackerRank, CodeChef, HackerEarth, etc. Many of the members in SPAWN have good ranks in competitions conducted by these platforms. Satyadev Chandak and Ankit Taparia, both in their final year of CSE were selected twice for the Second level of The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) held in Amrita University, Mysore and IIT Kharagpur.

Even though competitive coding is not given much importance in the institute, SPAWN is an active and a growing club, with many plans in the pipeline for its upcoming years. 



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