A Fresh Beginning: Institute Orientation 2k17

A Fresh Beginning: Institute Orientation 2k17

Jul 31, 2017 | Manasa Pisipati Niharika

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The fervour of excitement and happiness was spread all around campus as the freshmen eagerly made their way to BBA for their orientation on 26 July, 2017which commenced at 9 am.

The opening address was delivered by Professor K.P Panigrahi, Assistant Registrar (Academics). As the institute tradition goes, he summarized all the rules and regulations of the campus and acted as the emcee for the morning happenings.

Professor Animesh Biswas, Director of NITR, delivered the inaugurating speech and congratulated all the freshmen for cracking one of the toughest entrance exams, thus getting an admission in one of the best engineering colleges in the country. He stated that:

This year, NITR was placed in the 12th position on the NIRF rankings, making it the second best NIT in the country.

He mentioned all the important changes that took place in the institute and also future plans for the institute which included Introduction of Centralised AC systems in the Lecture Annexure, the addition of an Indoor Stadium equipped with state-of-the-art sports facilities and an Open Air Theatre to host all the cultural events and exhibitions.

The Registrar, Prof. Santosh Kumar Upadhyay, was the next to address the students. He extended a warm welcome to all the parents and students. Speaking about the history of NIT, he mentioned about how it came into being 56 years ago and how it has developed ever since. Professor Upadhyay then went on to talk about the Mission and Motto of our institute. Speaking about the faculty and student strength, he mentioned that this year, there is a total of about 6300 students, around 300 faculty members and around 500 on-faculty members.

With the new academic system undergoing several changes, Professor K.K. Mohapatra(Dean Academics) explained the revamped Academic Curriculum which has a lot of flexibility for the students to pursue their own hobbies and interests. He also spoke about the non-negotiable academic calendar of our institute and ended by wishing all the students best of luck for their journey ahead. He said:

NIT Rourkela will not give you the degree, you must Earn it.

The Biju Pattnaik Central Library, containing around 65,000 books and 18,000 back volumes of periodicals, is a treasure trove of knowledge. Apart from the hard copies, it has purchased a license to access over 2000 online research journals on science and technology. Professor B. Gunjal(Head of Library) took to the podium to speak about the beginning and the growth of the library. He also mentioned about all the facilities and latest technology it uses to function. The best example being the integrated library software package called Libsys – LSmart that uses the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based automation system to facilitate self-check-in and self-check-out. It also acts as a security system.

Professor Simanchala Panigrahi (Dean Student Welfare) mentioned in his witty speech about the life of the students on this campus. He wished all the newcomers a pleasant stay and advised them to come to him or his administration without hesitating in case they needed any help during the stay.

SAC President, Prof. S. Chakraborty introduced the four societies of SAC- Technical Society, Games and Sports Society, Literary Society and Arts and Cultural Society which has a multitude of clubs. Inquisitive minds were also stated about the Bhubaneswar Behera Gold Medal for the Best All Rounder Student, which is the most prestigious award that takes into account the Academics, Leadership and Extra-curricular activities. Ex- Chief Warden and presently the Training and Placement Cell Head, Prof. S.K. Patel briefed the newbies about the placement stats and an arena of opportunities available to the students.

We provide the employment opportunities to the students and it is their responsibility to grab the opportunity and go ahead.

Extra- Academic activities like NSS, NCC and Physical Education is mandatory for all the freshmen to have a good physical and mental health as stated by Prof. D.P Acharya in his speech. To imbibe the ethics of life making and igniting the hidden talent and spirit of Nationalism is the sole motto of this domain.

A new endeavour initiated by Prof. Animesh Biswas is the Student Counselling Program (SCP) where experienced mentors will provide personal as well as professional support to the newcomers enabling a constructive and positive interaction. Psychiatrists and Counsellors are appointed to tackle the menace of emotional stress. As stated by Prof. K.C Pati, the in charge of SCP:

The objective of the program is to ensure a seamless transition from home to hostel addressing Academic, Financial, Mental and Social concern of the student.

Furthermore, Dr Champak Bhattacharya, the senior medical officer in the Institute Health Centre highlighted the health facilities available to the students which include 3 doctors in Institute Dispensary and CWS hospital for further serious cases. This was followed by the speech of a notable Alumni, Mr Bharat Bhusan Mohanty, who is an Electrical Engineering graduate in the year of 1969. His huge contribution to the institute as alumni is highly remarkable and he even motivated the fresh minds to mould their career and create their own destiny with their immense potential.

Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached.

Finally, our Honourable Director Prof. Animesh Biswas ended the ceremony by addressing the students to focus on Academics and to do Time management to achieve success in the future. The ceremony concluded with the unveiling of Monday Morning’s new print issue for the freshmen “Layman’s Layout of NITR” and it was distributed to all the students so that it can guide their way in the various avenues of NITR campus.

Team MM wishes the freshmen a wonderful and successful year ahead.

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