A Fun-packed Evening: Rotaract Orientation

A Fun-packed Evening: Rotaract Orientation

Jul 31, 2017 | Amlan Arman

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With the sunrise of a fresh academic session, satellite clubs have cast their rays and Rotaract is the foremost to show its shade. The Rotaract club of NIT Rourkela organized its orientation on Friday, 28th July at LA 114. There was an overwhelming response from the freshmen with turnouts close to 300.

The orientation kickstarted with a brief interactive session with the senior members of the club. It was followed by a presentation about the club citing projects undertaken, and awards bagged during the past session. The session also aimed at informing the students about the wide range of activities undertaken by the club to generate money for various social causes.

To make the presentation even more interesting, fun elements like interactive quizzes and games were added to it as well. The winners were awarded with given  chocolates and food coupons. Tongue Twisters really got the crowd going as every performance was accompanied by a thunderous response from the audience.

Towards the latter half of the event, the members announced the most awaited news of the evening, the winners for the title of Mr. and Miss Fresher. About 40 students voluntered for the position of Mr. Fresher. In the first round, they were asked to throw cards (one at a time) within a time frame of 20 seconds to a box kept at some distance. The top 6 contestants qualified for the final round.

The female students on the other hand, were asked to light as many candles as they could using a single matchstick. Following this round, the top six candidates made their way to the next round.

The final round was a group act, wherein the contestants were paired randomly and were presented with a situation. The contestants were given ample amount of time to prepare for the final showdown and to decide the final layout for their act. All the six pairs performed enthusiastically for the most coveted title of the evening. With the final showdown ending in a tie, an interview session was organised as the tiebreaker. The winner was to be decided through a questionnaire round in which each pair of contestants were asked some questions based on social service. After factoring the marks by the jury and the audience, the crew adjudged V.Girish and Arpita Panda as Mr. and Miss Fresher respectively. The top 3 pair of contestants directly qualified for the final round i.e. the personal interview round of the inductions while others were asked to rejoin Rotaract the following Monday for the final induction process.

The evening of fun and frolic thus ended with smiles on everyone’s face. The hard work of the members reflected within the success of the event. The crowd deserted the room with many unforgettable moments.

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