Dealing with Dilemmas: Ask a Question 1.0

Dealing with Dilemmas: Ask a Question 1.0

Jul 31, 2017 | Manasa Pisipati Manisha Rath

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As with every edition, Team MM is back with the latest edition of Ask a Question with answers from the authorities for the questions posted by you.

Response from the Registrar (Mr.S.K. Upadhyay)

Q: Why is there a hike in fees only for the B-Tech students? Why doesn’t it apply to PG students as well?

SKU: The plan for a fee hike is a uniform one that applies to all courses throughout the Institute. But, the PG fee hike has been withheld due to demand from some PG students to scale down the fees. The final decision related to any kind of change in fee structure has to be approved by the Board of Governors. Hence, we are waiting for their decision regarding the PG fees matter. Once the decision gets clearance, the fee hike will be uniformly applied.

The purpose behind the increment in fees is to procure a balance between the amount paid by the students and the expenses of the Institute. According to the student medical policy, a student is entitled to forty thousand rupees in a year, hundred thousand rupees in 4 years of B-Tech career along with free medicines and treatment. Elevation in the standards of hostel facility has also added to the Institute expenses.

Q. Why has the academic calendar not been uploaded on the institute website yet?

SKU: It was not brought to my notice. I will check and ensure that it will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Response from the Computer Center Head (Prof. C.K. Biswas)

Q. Why is not the bio sketch of the faculty accessible? The links seem to be broken for every faculty member.

CKB: The bio sketch has to be uploaded by the concerned faculty or the HOD of the department. The Computer Centre is not responsible for the unavailability of the bio sketch of the faculties. It’s an initiative to be taken by the faculty.

Q. Code given in the Software Vault to use Grammarly editor for free is rendered invalid, displaying a message saying slots for NIT are finished.Will it be updated?

CKB: What happens is, we have to renew the license to all the software in the software vault every year. As the license is renewed, the codes change. So, probably the license for Grammarly has not been renewed this year and that’s why it is not working.

Due to the GST implementation and a few other financial rule changes, we’re facing problems to buy the software(s). So, I think by the end of August, we’ll tackle the issue and then buy the software(s).

Q. Why is only the homepage of the website revamped? What about others?

CKB:  Computer centre just posts the contents of the website; it is not responsible for revitalizing the website. Rehabilitation of the website is the work of the administration, basically, it comes under the jurisdiction of the Registry. I have not received any notification regarding any matter of revamping the rest of the website yet.

Response from the Dean Academics(Prof. K.K. Mahapatra):

Q. When a student is allowed to take a given number of leaves how can a professor conduct surprise tests and refuse to accept any reason?

KKM: The professors are supposed to take surprise tests. There is no restriction on that but if the reason of the absence of the student is genuine (example: medical reason/family calamity), then the student will be allowed leave. Under these circumstances, the student is supposed to talk to the professor and the professor is supposed to take a retest for the student. If the teacher is not doing so, the student may go to the HOD and if nothing fruitful is happening even then, then he/she may report to me directly.

It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the student to inform his professor well in advance about any future leave.

Q. Why can’t the Data Structures Course in the first year be replaced by a subject with more proficiency skills and industrial applications?

KKM: We have made a comprehensive research on the curriculum of the various institutes across the country in order to set up one of the finest possible curriculums at NITR. The data structure is virtually removed from the first year course except for Computer science students who have to study another course i.e. Algorithms Analysis Design which is the next step.

Keeping in view the present job scenario, the subjects are equally important for rest of the branches. The inclusion of other popular programming courses as core compulsory course in B-Tech programme is not desirable. These can be offered as minor courses but this would depend upon the departments which would execute as per their strength. Each of these courses would require specialized and professional faculties; each faculty could accustom to limited changes but we cannot pressurize them. Electronics and communication department in collaboration with Computer Science department is setting up the Internet Of Things(IOT) Laboratory and a sum of about INR Eleven lakhs have been funded for this purpose by the alumnus. This has been done keeping in view the inclination for IOT in job sectors. An elective would float in other departments for this laboratory.

Q. Is the Analytics & Decision Science course of M Tech discontinued? Also, have the Dual Degree Courses been discontinued?

KKM: Yes, the Analytics & Decision Science course has been discontinued.

The Dual Degree programme has been dropped in the major departments like in Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Electrical Engineering etc. But the number of seats are still the same. This was a conscious decision by the Senate.

What we found was that the dual-degree students were getting demotivated particularly in the 7th semester. While the regular students were getting placed in companies, the dual degree students were getting frustrated in their 7th semester because they still had to continue their studies.Also, since the beginning, there is a complex among the Dual Degree students since there is a huge margin between cutoffs for a Dual Degree and a B.Tech degree. 

Therefore, to avoid all these complications, the Dual Degree Programme has been scrapped in most of the departments.

Q. How many seats are available for branch change after the first year?

KKM: 5% of the students of a particular branch is allowed for branch change option which would solely depend upon the CGPA of the student.

Response from the CSO (Mr Suman Dutta)

Q.Why are students being harassed for possessing bikes whereas security guards are roaming freely without a pass on their bikes?

CSO: This is not the fact. Only 6 supervisors amongst the security personnel are allowed to possess bikes because they need to travel around 500 acres of the institute. Students are not allowed to possess bikes because, when I was posted as the inspector of Rourkela Police Station, I saw that two students met with an accident near their hostel. If we’ll allow all the students to possess bikes, it will disrupt the peaceful hostel environment. 

Note: All questions directed to the Chief Warden will be answered in the upcoming editions of Ask-a-Question or the Chief Warden Column.

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