Clarifying Queries: Ask-A-Question 2.0

Clarifying Queries: Ask-A-Question 2.0

In this issue, Team MM continues the role of the meticulous journalist as it collects and publishes answers for all your common questions. Read about what the authorities had to say this week

Response From The Dean Planning And Development (Prof. Japes Bera)

Q: There are no water coolers in the main building. Considering the fact that a lot of UG and PG classes (and labs) of PH, CY, LS, CE, MA and MM department are conducted there, shouldn’t we have cold water to drink in the summers?

JB: There is a committee in our institute that looks at the water coolers and drinking water. First, you can talk to the head of this committee regarding the issue. As far as I know, he was looking into the matters at the lecture complex. If he can sort out this matter, then it is good or else you can go the register office of the administration.

Response From HOD, Medical Center (Dr Champak Bhattacharya)

Q: If we take medical treatment outside NIT (paid the bill in the hospital) do we get a refund of medical treatment money? If yes, what is the procedure? Tell us the details of how to take a medical leave.

CB: The financial department of the management looks into this matter. The health center has no role to play in matters related to finance.

If anybody is genuinely sick and requires rest for the restoration of his health, then medical leave is given. If somebody is unwell and the doctor feels that he is unable to do his work, then definitely leave will be given. We will give the medical leave certificate in computerized form, and according to the institute rules the leave will be granted.

Response From OSD, Security Affairs (MR. Suman Dutta)

Q: Guards near the ceramic gate are not letting people sit near the basketball court or anywhere around the gate after 10, even though late entries at CVR begin at 10:30.

CSO: Definitely they are not supposed to sit on the tennis ground or near the ceramic gate late at night. Late entry at CVR begins at 10:30. After this time they are not allowed to sit in the dark places of the swimming pool and ceramic gate.

Response From TnP Cell 

Q: Can we get the placement statistics of the School of Management?

TK: The school of management was established a few years back, so only a few batches have passed out. Last year we saw companies like TCS coming up for providing placements to management students. Companies prefer B-schools to T-schools for recruitment in management positions. However slowly and gradually it is increasing. It will take some time and this time we are in contact with 3 to 4 companies. So, the placement committee hope to see placements increasing this year.

Q: Many companies offer only four weeks training program. But under SIRE rules, it is necessary to have eight weeks training program. Can we do in 2 companies offering 4 weeks each under SIRE? And what if a student fails to get an internship by his own, will he be provided internship by TnP?

TK: As per the SIRE rules that have been set by the academics, you have to do a minimum of 8-week internship. A student can do two four weeks’ internship provided that both of the two do not overlap. The duration should be eight weeks as a whole.

The Placement Committee is trying it’s best to provide on campus internships to all the students, that is what we do. We are also in collaboration with many websites to help us with that. We also encourage students to take up off campus internships. So, we are trying to provide as many opportunities as we can.

Response From HOD, BPCL (Prof. Bhojaraju Gunjan)

Q: One major problem faced in Library is that student’s personal books are not allowed inside in spite of there being a shortage of seats in the Reading room particularly during exams. What steps have been taken to tackle this problem?

BG:  It will be an arduous task for the library guards to distinguish between the library and personal books which can initiate queues at the entry and exit of students. One thing we can certainly think of is extending the Reading Hall after discussing it further with the higher authorities.

Response From Guest House Management

Q:  What is the procedure to book a room in the guest house for the relatives coming to visit the students?

GHO:  The student should contact their respective faculty advisers. An online form is filled asking about the information regarding date, timing and number of visitors. The details are later communicated to the student via webmail if there is an availability of a room at that particular time.

Response from Team MM:

Q: Where can we get notes and pdf’s of the subjects for first semester?

MM: For notes and PDFs of the subject, kindly contact the respective subject teacher. The slides and other relevant course material are shared through Webmail or Moodle. 

Q: Is there an opportunity for branch change? If yes, how many students get to do it?

MM: Following recommendations by the expert committee appointed to revamp the academic curriculum, Prof. Animesh Biswas has decided to reintroduce the option for changing branch after the first year, For changing your branch you have to have a minimum CGPA of 8.5 at the end of the second semester. Considering factors like the number of such requests received, the number of vacancies in the desired branch and your CGPA you will be granted a seat in your desired branch.

Q: The number of students in EE were 90? How did 118 students got placed in 2015-2016?

MM: The data provided in the Placement Database includes the placement details for not only the Btech. students but also for the BTech. MTech Dual Degree, MTech. (2 Years) and PhD, scholars. Thus the total number adds up to 118 rather than 90.

Q: From where we can get a printed version of Monday Morning?

MM: Monday Morning is the official student media body of NITRKL. MM brings you the daily dose of the campus news every Monday morning through multiple web based platforms. Since 2014, Team MM has been publishing an annual print issue which is unveiled during the convocation every January and is distributed amongst the NITR junta. However, this year Team MM has successfully published the first print edition of the NITR 101 article. This issue aimed exulsively for the freshmen, was unveiled during the institute orientation and was distributed among the freshers during the same event. In case you are a fresher and have not received your copy, kindly contact one of the three Chief Coordinators to grab your copy. 

Q: How can I know that who is my mentor?

MM: The list of all the new admissions as well as their corresponding members has been put up in MV, GDB, KMS and CVR hall of residence. Kindly refer to thenotice boards in the same to know about your mentors. In case you are unable to view the same, click on this link to learn further details. Once you find the contact details of your mentors, kindly contact them at the earliest.

Q: How to get the percentage from CGPA for a 2014 batch pass-out?

MM: There are no such rules laid down by the institute for the conversion of CGPA to percentage. However, you can use the following formula for the conversion.

Mark in Percentage = 10*CGPA – 5 

Q: Why is Monday Morning not taking the interview of the Chief Warden for many weeks?

MM: Following his first interview as a Chief Warden, Prof. Manoranjan Barik has denied any further interview for the Chief Warden coloumn. However, he has citied no reasons whatsoever for the same. We are in contact with the Chief Warden’s office and hopefully we will be able to bring you another edition of the CWC very soon.


  • Questions addressed to the head of computer center, Prof. C.K. Biswas have been published under an exclusive interview. Kindly follow the link for the article.                                        Reflection, Renovation and Restrictions: The Internet Tales
  • Owing to the unavailabilty of the Prof. K.K. Mahapatra, Dean, Academic Affairs questions addressed to Dean Academic Affairs will be taken up in the next edition of ‘Ask A Question’.
  • All the questions pertaining to institute administration and hostel affairs has been redirected to the Director’s Desk and the Chief Warden’s Column.

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