Nurturing the Literary Bug: Clarion Orientation

Nurturing the Literary Bug: Clarion Orientation

Aug 07, 2017 | Sahithi Ravipati

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With the start of a new academic session and freshmen pouring into the campus, it was time for the clubs to gear up and show the freshmen what their clubs were all about. The Literary and Debating Club, Clarion, held its first event of the year, the annual Orientations. The orientation kicked-off at 5:30 pm on the 3rd of August at LA-204. As the students started to pour in, they were each registered at the registration desk. The final turnout was expected to be close to about two hundred.

Post registration, students were able to put their quick thinking and wit to a test while solving a fun quiz consisting of various sections from crossword puzzles to meme-making. Along with that, some printouts of articles from EtCetera, which is Clarion on paper, were circulated amongst the audience. They were able to devour and dive into the stories and poems. At around 6:30 pm, the first set of activities began. First up was a round called Riddle Me This in which the audience was to guess a character based on a set of creatively crafted clues. The audience showed the greatest amount of enthusiasm whilst trying to guess which of their favorite characters the clues described. With every question answered, chocolates were distributed across the room which only increased the excitement as the time went on.

In this process, some of the students also came up and enacted these characters while everyone in the crowd was cheering them on. Some of the freshmen even came up on stage to share their experiences and talents with the crowd. The members of Clarion also showed much more than their literary talent when they entertained the crowd with singing, rapping and more.

As the events of the evening progressed and began to end, the final stage of presentations began. The crowd was first told about EtCetra, which is Clarion’s literary magazine by the Editor in-Chief Yusuf Khan.

After this, they were told about the working of the club and events the club hosts every year. A brief explanation about Parliamentary Debates was given along with an explanation of MUNs in order to introduce the crowd to the world of debating. Apart from this, a description of the club culture and the various societies at NITR was given by the President, Rohit Biswas.

Senior members of the club then graced the stage. Final years Amrutha Varshini and Aratrika Ghose were invited on stage to share their experiences about MUNs and Debating respectively. The orientation concluded with a vote of thanks by Secretary Arindum Roy.

Overall, the freshers were delighted to come to the orientations with many looking forward to the upcoming inductions this week.



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