A Delight for Tech Gurus and Coding Amateurs Alike : Microsoft Campus Club

A Delight for Tech Gurus and Coding Amateurs Alike : Microsoft Campus Club

Aug 07, 2017 | Sahithi Ravipati

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Microsoft is a household name across the world. With that being said it is only expected that Microsoft Campus Club is one of the leading technical clubs in the NITR campus. The club held its orientation on the 4th of August at LA 217 at 5:30 pm. With the excited freshman pouring in from 5:30 pm the room began to fill up quite rapidly. As the room slowly got to its peak capacity, the proceedings of the orientation began. Around 100 students turned up for the orientation.

          The orientation started out with the current secretary of the club Sejal Singh giving a brief introduction about the club and the events that it holds. Members of the club later came forth and gave Prezi presentations to show the crowd why this club would be the right choice for them and how it would help them. The crowd was told how the club has conducted many successful events over the course of the years like Treasherlocked, Codenigma to name a few. The crowd was also informed about the club’s intention to branch out this year by conducting more design related events in addition to the coding events that are held every year. The members of the club also clarified that contrary to the misconception, the Microsoft Campus Club was not only for people from the Computer Science department. They spoke of how it is open for anyone with a will and determination to code. A quiz was then conducted by the club members about various logos and tech related trivia.

After speaking about the achievements of the club and the people in the club some seniors of the club were called upon to share the experiences.

          One of the current conveners of the club, Kamal Agarwal, who was recently placed, came up to speak of his experience during the course of his time at the club. He spoke of how it helped him get where he is. He pointed out to the crowd that there is much more to learning than books and lectures. He spoke of how the activities like the ones the club holds will be very helpful.

          Another final year and senior member of the club, Roshini Biswas, came up and spoke about how she had interned at NASA over the summer and the experiences she had when she was there. This was followed by Asmita Poddar who shared her experience as an intern in Taiwan and how the club has helped her.  

          The orientation ended with the Chief Coordinators Suhaiv and Ritesh addressing the crowd and informing them the about the inductions that would take place on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017.



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