Artistic Ambitions: Akriti Orientations cum Inductions

Artistic Ambitions: Akriti Orientations cum Inductions

Aug 07, 2017 | Manasa Pisipati

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The official Art and Craft Club of NITR held its inductions at LA 101 on 3rd August 2017. This nascent club, which came into existence last year, attracted almost 30 students for its orientation cum induction. Akriti, which is an acronym for Art and Kraft of Innovative and Traditional Insights, was founded to promote an artistic environment around the institute and allow students to express their art to the world. A few members of the club are specially trained in skills such as painting and calligraphy. Last year, the club took charge of the campus decoration for the major fests of NITR like Innovision and Nitrutsav. Considering the number of people required for such events, one of the event coordinators, Smruti Monalisa, stated that they were looking to induct a minimum of 20 students.

The orientation started at around 6.15 pm with a presentation on the inception and previous activities of the club. It also included the future aim of Akriti. The orientation session was made exciting and interactive by club members and ended with a speech by its president, Sushant Prajapati.

Just like art, their induction process was an open, fun and unrestricted one which mainly allowed the prospective inductees to express their interest in art and crafts. It consisted of two rounds: A pen-paper based questionnaire with questions on the artistic interests of the students and a Personal Interview round that was conducted on the following day depending on which students were inducted into the club.

The vision and sincerity of the club members to promote art and its beauty had won the hearts of all those who attended the session. This underrated club shows huge potential and immense talent.

As Sushant Prajapati believes:

If you have an artist inside you, then Akriti is the club for you.

They are looking for budding and enthusiastic artists who can take the onus upon themselves to carry forward the legacy of the nascent club and contribute more to the art and design fraternity of NITR. Team MM congratulates Akriti club of NITR for having conducted a succesful orientation and wishes them with all the luck for the future.



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