Enforcing and Enacting: Security Issues

Enforcing and Enacting: Security Issues

Aug 07, 2017 | Amlan Arman Pausali Pradhan

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Keeping in sight the wide range of rules embarked on the platform of NIT Rourkela, Team Monday Morning decided to bring forward the major security issues of the campus. A conversation with the Officer on Special Duty for Safety and Security, Mr Suman Dutta throws some light on this subject.

MM: After taking charge as the Officer on Special Duty for Safety and Security earlier this year, what changes have you brought to the security system of our institution?

SD: To ensure security on the campus as an officer we have restrained many vagabonds from entering the campus and causing the nuisance. The security system has been streamlined to provide proper safety and security to the students, faculties and the families residing inside the campus. Keeping in mind the parking service, we have categorically issued stickers for faculty members, staffs and PhD students of the institute.

MM: In your previous interview you talked about unauthorized bikes as one of the major issues witnessed at our institute. Also, some outsiders are found riding their bikes inside the campus. Have the rules and regulations for the use of these vehicles been revamped?

SD: Yes, we have restricted the unauthorized bikes and outsiders from entering the campus both at Main gate and Jagda gate. In my view, this motive has been 80% successful till now.

MM: Students often complain about the theft of bicycles from inside the campus especially after the recent summer vacation. So, what steps have been implemented to keep the thefts in check? 

SD: After the recent summer vacation, we received three complaints of bicycle thefts. This is primarily because students have kept their cycles in the cycle stand of the halls and security guards stay at the entrance gates of halls of residence and thus we don’t have control for the cycles inside the halls. But near the Chief Warden's office and in rest of the campus area civil security staffs have been engaged to keep a watch at the stealing of cycles.

MM: Previously, your security force consisted of 202 members. But considering an absence of security guards at certain places of the campus like the road behind CVR hall and DTS, have you planned to recruit new personnel?

SD: The security personnel have now been allotted with the central government pay, because of which their pay has been enhanced. So, keeping in view the expenses incurred against the security persons, their number has been reduced to 184. A six-member committee (framed to catalogue the security system of our institute) coordinated by Professor S.S Mohapatra and directed by our honourable director has decided to appoint 184 security guards in the campus in three shifts.

Considering the absence of guards, we have already submitted our grievances to the committee demanding to engage security personnel at the places where it is needed. Earlier, there was no security guard at the ceramic gate during the C- shift (10 P.M to 6 A.M). But after discussing with the committee, we have decided to put forth security guards at the gate near Department of Ceramic Engineering, in the building of the  Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Biomedical and Biotechnology alongside the TIIR building for 24 hours.

MM: The street lights in front of CVR hall of residence are often not functional. Since all the boarders of CVR travel by that way, an absence of lighting poses a major hindrance. What steps can be taken to get this issue resolved?

SD: Although, this is not an issue under security force; we have approached concerned authorities regarding proper lighting, improved road conditions and water facilities of the institution.

MM: The gate at the back-post closes at 8 p.m. and again it is opened at 10 p.m. for the mess- staff to pass through. But some students always sneak out during this time and at other instances, security guards allow students to pass through the gate after 8:00 p.m. What is your take on this issue?

SD: I was totally unaware of this situation. I will surely instruct our supervisor and the security guards posted at the back-post to stick to the time framed by the authority. In case of any emergency, the security guard might be allowing some students but it should not happen and I will take care of it

MM: In the previous interview, you already mentioned about making the security guidelines public but the draft has not yet been publicized. When can we expect this to happen?

SD: The draft hasn’t been publicized yet because it has been put forward before the committee. They will consider all the guidelines and present it before the Director for approval. We can expect the guidelines to be public by the end of this month. The delay is due to the unavailability of the Director in the institute.

MM: There was a webmail sent to students by the PIC Security, Prof. U.K. Mishra, requesting students not to use public toilets. Can you clarify the issue?

SD: The webmail was sent to the students, keeping in view, the instances at the Department of Civil and Electrical engineering. It has come to our attention that the female students were being watched upon secretly by their male counterparts. To avoid this kind of casualty, we have not totally restricted the entry of students rather requested them to be more careful while using public toilets.

MM: The procedure for booking rooms at LA for club activities has been changed recently. Can you elaborate about the formal procedure?

SD: Earlier, the authority to book the LA rooms lay with us but now, Mr S.K. Sahoo, the PIC of LA, instructed us that they will book the rooms as per their availability. Hence, the authority has now changed from security office to Prof. S.K. Sahoo.


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