Cognitive Orientations: Cognizen Club

Cognitive Orientations: Cognizen Club

Aug 07, 2017 | Yash Shah

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The official politics and economics club of NITR, Cognizen conducted its orientations on the evening of 3rd August at the Lecture Annexure in room number 217 . The event saw a turnout of around 40 students. This year, the orientations were planned and conducted by the sophomores of the club.

Coordinators of the club, Yash Shah and Shifa Tarannum, started off the orientations by explaining the meaning of their club’s name and giving an idea about the objectives and functioning of the club. The hosts explained how the burning issues of politics and economics become topics of their weekly meetings and group discussions. Next, a questionnaire consisting of few logical and general knowledge questions was distributed to the students who had came for the orientations. As soon as everyone submitted their answer sheets, club members Manohar and Vivek presented a slideshow containing a set of interactive questions which the audience seemed to enjoy a lot. Chocolates were distributed to those who gave correct answers.

Following this, the hosts invited the club seniors, President Ashish Gouda, Andrew Milton, D.Bharti Ganesh, and Rituparna Mishra who motivated and encouraged the freshers to stay updated and informed with the happenings around the world which would help them stay a step ahead of their fellow batch mates.  A rebus puzzle slideshow was then presented by Shifa. The gathering was enthralled by the mind-boggling questions in it. The club also announced some of its major past events as well as their plans in the pipeline. Some of those events were: Intelligent Trader 3.0 during Innovision, General Elections Awareness Campaign in 2014, and Panel Discussion with IAS/IPS officers. 

Recently, the club has also collaborated as the organizing partner of the third edition of Rourkela Model United Nations scheduled to be held at NIT, Rourkela on 19th and 20th of August. The freshmen present were informed that the event is open for their participation. Afterward, there was a small mock press conference in which the audience was asked to mimic any celebrity of their choice and to face some questions as happens in a real press conference.

The club took pride in presenting the achievements of some of its alumni through a slideshow. The event closed with an announcement about an open discussion on “Conflict Over Kashmir” which the club plans to conduct this week.



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