RMUN 3.0: Be the Change you Demand

RMUN 3.0: Be the Change you Demand

Model United Nations has been defined as an educational activity or simulation which teaches students about diplomacy, International Relations, the United Nations as well as debating and public speaking. Initially begun in parts of Europe, this activity soon spread across the globe with the onset of globalization. Despite it having students transform themselves into delegates, M.U.N events often match up to the elegance of the highly intellectual and important events conducted by the United Nations. Any aspiring student ought to witness the grandeur of the Model United Nations once in their academic career & the opportunity has knocked on the doors of the academic community of Rourkela once more. The 3rd edition of the Rourkela Model United Nations(RMUN) is going to be held on the 19th and 20th of August 2017 at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela.


The committees that will be simulated in this year’s RMUN include:

1. United Nations General Assembly- Disarmament and International Security Committee. The topic that will be discussed in this committee is ‘Tackling the Issue of Disarming Terrorist Organizations’. Mr Arnav Patnaik has been assigned the post of chairperson while Mr Shankha Das is the vice-chairperson. The rapporteur for the issue will be Ms Sushma.

2.United Nations Human Rights Council- The topic that will be discussed in this committee is ‘Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms while countering Non-State Actors’. The co-chairperson for this committee would be Mr A. Tarun while the job of the rapporteur has been assigned to Mr Anshuman Biswal.


Participants in the Model United Nations, christened as ‘Delegates’ are basically speakers who are assigned the role of ambassadors, representing their respective organizations and countries. Delegates first get involved in formal debates, then the informal form of discussion called ‘Caucus’ takes place and finally, an optimum solution is presented through ‘Resolution’. Though the delegate need not have a prior experience in international relations, one must conduct research before the conference and formulate positions that he/she will then debate with the fellow delegates in the committee. However, a zeal for learning something new and bringing about a change in the globe are the two magical ingredients that make a great delegate! No wonder, these MUN delegates ultimately go on to become inspiring leaders at various nooks and corners such as medicine, law, politics, business and education.

Team Monday Morning caught up with the Secretary General of Rourkela Model United Nations, Mr Abhishek Patro to help us gain some more insight into this event’s intricacies.

MM: M.U.N is a unique platform for a student which has gained popularity in the recent past. Unlike events like extempore & debates, MUN requires much more variety of skills and knowledge. What is your opinion about the factors that made this event gain such popularity?

Abhishek Patro: I think the question is self-explanatory; it’s the diaspora of skills and knowledge that the conferences provide. When you attend such conferences, you leave stage fright behind, leave it up to the Executive Board members and they know how to moderate everything in the committee. When you negotiate a draft resolution for your country, lobby countries/member states to support you, strategize to hit the weak spots of your rival, it gets engraved in your memories and you feel very nostalgic the following day after it’s over. Of course, the talk shows that some MUNs like us host also attracts participants who have some questions but sans a worthy person who can answer them and then there’s the Ball Night Party that happens after the end of every conference.

MM: Give us an Idea of the scale and style of previous editions of M.U.N Rourkela. Have there been any defining moments?

AP: Rourkela MUN, being a sibling MUN of the legendary iMUN is a legacy in itself. iMUN was one of the first conferences across the state and it was from iMUN & KIIT MUN that the MUN Culture in Odisha spread like wildfire. After a couple of years, we noticed how the number of MUNs had increased exponentially, but if you see the heat map, they were densely nucleated on the eastern side of the state, so we started Rourkela MUN to spread the wildfire in the Western part of the State and the response has been tremendous! Participants text us to host conferences more often and even ask to host Rourkela MUN bi-annually. *Chuckles*

MM: Who are the esteemed Personalities who are coming to M.U.N Rourkela this year?

AP: Our highlight for this edition is the talk show that’s going to happen with Mr Sharad Vivek Sagar, CEO of Dexterity Global as the keynote speaker. Being a social entrepreneur he was invited by Mr Barack Obama to the White House and became the youngest Indian to be invited to the White House, he’s a 'Forbes 30 under 30 for a change' and he even declined admission into Harvard University, so that he can serve his own nation.

Apart from that, the list of our Chief Guests includes the following:

Sj. Rabindra Kumar Jena, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

Sj. Sharada Prasad Nayak, Chairman, Rourkela Development Authority

Shri Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, Member of Parliament, Biju Janta Dal

Sj. Jogesh Singh Hon’ble MLA, Sundergarh

Shri Dilip Tirkey, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

MM: What are main issues to be focused on in this edition of M.U.N Rourkela?

AP: We’ll be discussing two main agendas in the committees that they fall in as per the mandates of the committees. First, the agenda for UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council): Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms while countering Non-State Actors. Secondly, the agenda for UNGA DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Council): Tackling the issue of Disarming Terrorist Organizations.

Team MM also caught up with the Campus Ambassador of Rourkela MUN 3.0, Mr Sambit Maharana to understand about the grand event in detail.

MM. How have the preparations for M.U.N Rourkela 2017 been going? How much participation do you expect and what changes have been made in M.U.N Rourkela 2017 compared to previous years?

Sambit Maharana: Absolutely fantastic! Members from Cognizen, Monday Morning & Hourglass have been so cooperative. All the organizing committee members have done so well to handle the humongous task at hand. Just a couple more weeks, then I’m sure it’ll be a Model United Nations Conference that’ll keep echoing in everybody's memories.

We’re expecting full committees, so that’s around 200+ participants. I’d also like to invite everyone to come and attend the Workshop that we’ll be having on MUNs on 9th of August in the Lecture Annexure.Rourkela MUN is a legacy in itself, being a sibling MUN of the legendary iMUN we continuously work day and night to keep raising its level.

MM: With the event being conducted at NIT Rourkela, what logistical support was provided to you and is there any special concession for the students of the Institute?

SM: Like I had stated earlier, the Collaborations with Cognizen, Monday Morning & Hourglass is working really well. Huge thanks to Mehul & Ashish from Cognizen, I can’t imagine RMUN 3.0 happening in NIT-R without them. Yes, we have a concession of 25% on the registration fees for the members of the collaborated clubs.

MM: Is there something you would like to convey to the students of NITR, the ones who are unaware of how huge an opportunity of participating in a MUN is?

SM: Our motto being “Be the change you Demand”, this Edition, we aren't just expecting you to delegate authority but also delegate responsibility to set sail towards the horizon of peace, where every individual step up to be responsible enough to guide a change towards healing the world for a better future that we all demand. What better platform for that cause other than a conference convening in your own backyard, with a perfect blend of experienced Executive Board Members to impart learning, a hard-working Organizing Committee that is working without a pause to provide you with the best hospitality and a closely knit family atmosphere that provides you the perfect stage to showcase your skills and give you unprecedented knowledge and memories to pack back home.

With RMUN set to be one of the biggest events to be held in NITR this year, Monday Morning being the official broadcasting partner would invite all the interested participants to take part in this once in a lifetime experience and be a part of the change that the new generation of our country wants to see.

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