Ritvic: NITR Darshan 2.0

Ritvic: NITR Darshan 2.0

Aug 07, 2017 | Sandeepan Mohanty

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After days of incessant rain and emotional turmoil, NITR students gathered at LA lawns on 31st August and were tickled to burst out of laughter in harmony when RITVIC presented NITR DARSHAN 2.0. The sequel to NITR DARSHAN 1.0, took the fresher’s on a visual journey of how their life at NITR would supposedly look like.

The nukkad started with the usual crowd calling. Dancing on popular Bollywood numbers with funky funny lyrics attracted the students to come and enjoy the acting plus drama extravaganza. The drum rolled and the nukkad started. The first scene depicted the stereotypic Indian Society where passion and career are parallel lines, where students follow the crowd. The team actors touched the right chords of junta with this point.

The next scene was an oath scene where it showed the two categories of students NITR is divided into. Subsequent scenes briefed about the hostel chronicles, night party scenes, the club culture and finally the politics at NITR during the elections. RITVIC successfully gave a pretty clear idea about the whole college in just some minutes.

On asking a few people about how they feel about the nukkad, one of them was quoted saying:

The play was really nice and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The best part was that everything shown here was raw and not sugar coated. They showed us the truth.

LA Lawn had the highest traffic that day and everyone left the place with ecstatic eyes and satisfied heart. The evening for the fresher’s was memorable which proved fruitful in the inductions of RITVIC. There was a large turnout and around 36 students were inducted. On a random chat with Tanay Kumar, the club’s Drama Secretary said:

We hope for a great year ahead with so many talented people inducted into the club. We will continue making actors and touching the hearts of people with our plays. DHARM, our next nukkad is coming soon.



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