Turning Over A New Leaf: Genesys Orientation 2017

Turning Over A New Leaf: Genesys Orientation 2017

Aug 07, 2017 | Zakiya Ali

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Genesys (Greek: gignesthai): meaning to be born.

On 3rd august, Genesys: the official bioengineering club of NITR registered under the Technical Society of SAC, held its orientation cum inductions at LA-201.

Due to some technical issues the event kick-started at around 6:30 pm with a written round of total 6 questions with a time limit of 20 minutes. The questions basically tested the student’s skills regarding team work, technical knowledge, management skills and their overall interest in working for the club.

This was followed by a brief introduction by the President of the club Debashish Behera, regarding the importance of clubs in a student’s life; how they help us to grow; the skills that we acquire & how clubs serve as a platform where we meet new people & get a chance to interact with the seniors and juniors as well.

Next, another member of the club Paresh Mahapatra displayed a PowerPoint presentation depicting the actual meaning of Bioengineering and how it can be related to other branches of engineering.

He further handed over the charge to another club member Rohit Aditya who informed the students about the various events that the club has conducted over the past few years. Organ-o-Quest which was a bio-treasure hunt, Battlezone which was similar to a snake and ladder game with shooting general knowledge questions along with an element of childhood nostalgia were among a few. The club had also organised few other events such as Hired (a virtual placement scenario with written rounds, GD and PI as well), Bioquiz (written and rapid fire round on “tech day”) and Biocreativity unlocked (it included guest lecture, poster making and debate competition).

The club has also organised some events in high schools. Safety first is safety always was one such event to interact with the school kids and brief them about first aid and safety.

Owing to shortage of funds and a discouraging environment, the club is not able to indulge in more tech-related activities or conduct more coding events. Nevertheless, with the renewed zeal and added vigour of the new inductees, it has high hopes for the future. Team MM wishes it luck for all its future plans and endeavours.

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