Dancing With The Evening Rains: Synergy Orientation

Dancing With The Evening Rains: Synergy Orientation

Aug 07, 2017 | Animesh

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With plenty of fresh faces in the new academic session, the club culture in NITR takes a fresh leap in membership every August, with enthusiastic entrees lining up for the various club orientations to see where their skills and interests lie. Synergy, the official dance club for NITR was no exception in the hunt for fresh talent. With laurels like the BITS Hyderabad championship last year it had much to woo interested newcomers, who thronged the SAC premises every day after classes last week for the annual orientation-cum-inductions.

Orientation and Workshops:

On the first day, the juniors and senior enthusiasts turned up to watch the existing members show off their skills in various dance forms. The members rehearsed tirelessly for the presentation and workshop and that was reflected in the faces of the newbies who were both awestruck and inspired by the almost professional standards of the club members. The orientation began with a brief-up by the existing members and an interaction with the juniors regarding their early impression of NITR. This also included a workshop where the freshmen interacted with the club members and learned a lot about the club’s past and present and its achievements and objectives, and even learned to improve their skills in dancing. About 40 people attended the workshop which was conducted by experienced dancers from 4th and 5th-year members. Such workshops were also conducted in Delhi and Bangalore and a few freshers who attended them earlier said that they were enthused by the zeal present among the family members here. On the first day, the workshop included some very basic warm-up lessons, hip-hop and famous Bollywood steps. Training for the freshmen included dancing impromptu and also in steps choreographed by the seniors.


The workshop concluded on Friday with a final Induction round on Saturday to test how much the aspiring inductees learned and improved on their skills. Although the candidates were mostly well prepared, the anxiety over getting selected was clear on their faces. However, the judging members made sure that their pep-talks and camaraderie eased their tension and all the performances received loud cheers from them as well. Although there were some annoying power glitches and incessant rains to dampen the spirits, the two selection rounds were completed very successfully. The selected best candidates were brought into the club, and even the disqualified candidates were encouraged to come regularly for practice at SAC so that they stand a better chance of qualifying for the next round of inductions this semester, and the enthusiasm continues as inductees still turned up this week for a second chance.

According to the President, Chinmay Kumar Rout and VP Akankshya Patra,

We were first amazed by a big turn-out of so many students at the orientations. But what was even greater was the more enthusiastic students followed the successive workshops regularly and worked hard to learn the steps. We were happy to get such hardworking and motivated inductees in our club which makes our club shine every year.

Armed with the new troupe, Synergy has already begun its quest for participating and achieving for NITR in various Regional and National level competitions, and Team MM wishes the club all the best for the future.

For more photos from the event go to https://www.facebook.com/synergynitrkl/



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