Design, Code, Create: Design Tab Orientations

Design, Code, Create: Design Tab Orientations

Aug 21, 2017 | Zakiya Ali

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Design is not how it looks, but how it feels & how it works.

Design Tab, the official design club of NITR organised its annual orientation on 16, August. The event which was supposed to be held at LA-101 (as depicted in the poster) was shifted to LA-104 (as informed through webmail). However, the same was already occupied by Pantomine, and forcing Design Tab to relocate their orientation to LA-317. The room allotment issues coupled with the pouring downpour delayed the commencement of the event by one hour and ten minutes and finally, the event kick-started at around 6:40 with a meager turn up of around 15 students.

The event started with an element of suspense as the students were asked to select two pictures from a lot. The suspense was finally unveiled when the screen displayed pictures that had been doodled on. Then, a team member volunteered to acquaint the students regarding what they had to do with those pictures. While the students were busy with their doodles which were basically to test their creative skills, two members of the club, Partha Dhal, and Kritideepan came forward to guide them through a presentation made by the members.

The presentation fundamentally encompassed the definition of design, types of design which include product, interface and visual designs. This was followed by a description of the club and the various activities it undertakes. To make this more interesting, graphic design, abstract drawings, and posters made by the club members were displayed along with the showcase of exquisite paintings, followed by videos made by the members.

Then, a quiz was on design was conducted with chocolates given to each student who gave the correct answer. This was undoubtedly fun with the interesting questionnaire alongside cheeky images thus making up to the students for the initial delay. Lastly, a showcase of augmented reality and virtual reality was carried out followed by a demonstration of making digital paintings using WACOM tablets. The event ended the on a cheerful note with the announcement of inductions which scheduled for the following day.



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