Laying A Solid Foundation: CEST

Laying A Solid Foundation: CEST

Aug 21, 2017 | Swaha Swayamsiddha

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Keeping true to its vibrant club culture, NIT, Rourkela fosters and rears many clubs. Amongst them, the Civil Engineering Students’ Technical (CEST) club provides a platform for the students to explore and learn about a multitude of things, by pushing the boundaries of technology and advancement in the stream of Civil Engineering.

CEST club organized its orientation-cum-induction on 17th of August. The program started at 6:20 PM, twenty minutes later than the scheduled time of 6 PM, as the rain played spoilsport. Around 40 students turned up, eagerly waiting for the commencement of the program.

The club decided to start the event by telling the students about its history. They moved on to speak about what CEST is and why one should choose to join the club. The brief introduction was accompanied by a presentation made by the club members on the progenitors and mentors of the club, their motto, and the various projects, events, and workshops undertaken by them. This saw many takers from the crowd being interested with the club’s motto, being:

To sustain and nurture students’ enthusiasm in technical studies and facilitate their professional growth, in the field of Civil Engineering.

CEST has indeed conducted many exhibitions on the Ames Room, the Escherian Stairwell and Numismatics, to name a few, over the past few years. Workshops on AutoCAD, STAAD.Pro and many other types of software are diligently held throughout the year. Apart from these, it organizes popular events during college fests, publishes an online magazine and is recently working on the project of a concrete canoe.

This was followed by the orientation of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ (ICE). ICE member, Nikhil Vobbilisetty went on to explain about what ICE is and about the perks of joining this club. ICE’s objectives and aims were also mentioned. ICE conducts industrial visits alongside events and exhibitions and also offers many innovative projects to its members. Questions from the crowd on CEST and ICE were invited and answered. This was followed by CEST’s trailer.

To make the orientation fun and interactive, the presenters conducted a quiz, which included visual questions on landmark sites and the intricacies relating to its structure and technical aspects. A couple of questions were also related to locations and infrastructure inside the NITR campus. The quiz saw active participation from all the attendees.

This concluded the orientation part for the evening. The first round of inductions also took place on the same day with the interested students taking a written quiz. Basing on their performance in the quiz, students will be shortlisted and will be called for subsequent rounds of induction. On speaking with the President of the club about the issues faced during the orientation program, Abhinav Gupta replied that no provision of a microphone could be made, which was immensely required.

All in all, the attendees seemed interested in joining the club, as all of them stayed back for the induction rounds. Barring a few snags, the orientation cum Induction process went smoothly. The club will soon be inviting fresh faces into its folds, and Team MM wishes them success in their undertakings and future endeavors.



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