Automation Association : Cyborg Orientation

Automation Association : Cyborg Orientation

Aug 21, 2017 | Manasa Pisipati

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Cyborg, the official Robotics and Automation Club of NITR, organised its orientation programme on 18th  August. The club which basically deals with robotics, automation, web designing and image processing has also ventured into the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence this year.

The orientation was attended by a substantially large audience of almost 100 students. A vast majority of those who attended the event were either from the Department of Electronics, Electrical and Computer Science Engineering. However, students from the other departments also made up almost a noticeable one-quarter of the audience.

The event commenced with a delay of one hour owing to problems with the sound system. However, once the orientation began, all initial glitches and malfunctions took a back seat since the club enraptured the students with its programme.

The main host for the event was Sudha Priyadarshini. The orientation process involved a very innovative method of using Cortana, the synthetic intelligence software of Microsoft Opearting System to co-host the event. As mentioned by one of the mentors of the club, Monik Raj, Cyborg has many accolades to its name including successfully assembling of robots and quadcopters, an Ecokart, which won the award for the best braking system, designing almost 7 websites in the past one year and organisation of an online tech hunt called “Epreuve”. Apart from this, the future plans of the club include venturing into tech contests across the country like in IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay and to conduct the second edition of their online tech hunt. All these were displayed in a well structured presentation along with stunning videos of their robotic models. Participation of the crowd was ensured with an interactive quiz session during the orientation. The club also launched its very own social media site specifically dedicated for technical discussions and tutorials. The members mentioned that the club will soon make its social media open for use by any student of NITR.

As stated by the president of the club, Abhijeet Behera:

Cyborg is into real world implementation of technologies. We invite all tech enthusiasts to attend all the classes and workshops organised by Cyborg in the coming academic year.

Keeping aside the occasional snags in the microphone and audio system, the orientation was creative and well presented. Team MM wishes Cyborg all the best in its future endeavours.



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