A Commitment to Learn: Code Hub Orientation

A Commitment to Learn: Code Hub Orientation

Aug 21, 2017 | Barnali Priyadarshini

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On the drizzling evening of 18th August 2017, Code Hub, one of the technical clubs of NIT Rourkela held its orientation program for the freshmen and sophomores. Code Hub had been dormant since a year, but the club members decided to give a head start to its progress and have come up with new initiatives and incentives. It functions under the Technical Society, Student Activity Centre and serves as a place to code, share and learn from each other. It’s also a chapter of Google Developers Group.

The evening started with a short presentation on what exactly Computer Science is and its usage in the current era of technology. Sitesh Pattanaik, a renowned member of the club was the host for the event. He gave the audience an insight into the structure and working of the club. He then correlated an interesting childhood story with Machine Learning and explained how Google Ads work.

After that, he let the audience know about the future plans and past achievements of the club. Till now Code Hub has successfully conducted workshops, seminars, classes, and hackathons. Android app development workshop, Coding Hackathons, and MATLAB workshop were conducted by the club in the recent years, which triggered a good response from the students of NITR. Furthermore, it plans to conduct sessions on various topics that are currently at the peak of IT industry i.e; Web Development, App Development, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, etc. As a fresh initiative, it proposes to provide online materials and projects to study and complete assignments between two consecutive workshops. As per the words of a senior member of the club:

All ‘CODE HUB’ expects from its members is the ‘commitment to learn’, to dedicate all that they could, so that there would be a potential change in synthesizing information and the club as a whole can progress a lot.

The event ended with the announcement of the first session to be conducted on Coding and Equivalence in different Programming Languages. Though the turnout for the orientation program wasn’t appreciable, the club members are optimistic about the response of NITR students for their future workshops. 
Team MM wishes the club with all the luck in its future endeavours.



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