Explicating Incertitude : Ask A Question 4.0

Explicating Incertitude : Ask A Question 4.0

Team MM has once again taken the onus of bringing you the solutions of the most frequently asked questions. Here goes the fourth edition of Ask A Question with the elucidation of all the unresolved queries.

Responses From Dean Academics, Prof. K.K Mahapatra

MM: What are the initiatives taken by professors to encourage students to conduct research work?

KKM: The current syllabus of the various courses focuses on the fundamentals of the various subjects which is the basic purpose. However, the undergraduates in their final year and the students pursuing Masters’ program are carrying out research activities. The faculties are also doing various projects and thus the undergraduates are all encouraged to work under their able guidance. There are satellite clubs to promote research activities as well. The institute always encourages students to carry out research activities but ultimately, it depends on the faculties and students.

MM: Why is the attendance taken into consideration while giving Teacher’s Assesment (T.A) marks when we have an attendance based grade back system?

KKM: We have left the T.A. part to the faculties with a generic idea. They can conduct tutorials, quizzes or take class tests to judge how a student is performing. However, it is impossible for the administration to check which teacher is doing it in which way. One needs to understand that attending classes is an equally important parameter and it is up to the discretion of the professors to decide if he/she wants to give weightage to attendance for TA marks. We have not earmarked any specific guideline about taking attendance into consideration while giving T.A. marks.

MM: When will the first stipend for dual degree students get credited?

KKM:  All the proceedings relating to the stipend is scrutinised by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). So, it is not in our hands. The only constraint we have put is that students must have a  valid GATE score, owing to which they are eligible for getting a stipend. They also need to submit the necessary documents which facilitate the process of receiving the stipend. It will be credited according to the guidelines of the Government of India and as we are a centrally funded technical institute we have to abide by the rules.

MM: Will the amount which is given for stipend be the same as last year or will there be any increase in the stipend amount? Will dual degree students start receiving their stipend in October like every other year?

KKM: This again depends on the MHRD. This time stipend would be given a bit earlier as far as I can remember. We make a proposal listing the number of students eligible for receiving a stipend and submit it to the MHRD. The ministry approves the list and provides the students with the stipend money.

MM: How many leaves can a dual-degree student avail per year? What happens if a student exceeds the maximum number of leaves?

KKM: Every dual degree student is given a vacation of 15 days after the end semester examination of a particular semester. Beyond that, leaves are allowed on only two grounds, medical or a family calamity. Every year there is a specific upper limit for the number of days for which leaves can be availed. I am not sure about the number but it’s somewhere around 20. If a student exceeds the specified number of days that he or she is allowed to take leave then he would have to stay for those many extra days to compensate for the classes.

MM: What is the ‘one signature rule’ for biometric attendance?

KKM: The students have to give the biometric attendance twice in a day. If the student gives attendance only once then it becomes one signature. I do not know from where this terminology came from as there is no such provision in the rulebook that speaks of one signature rule.

Responses from President, SAC, Prof. Snehashish Chakraverty

MM: Last year along with certificates, mementos were given to the students, but this year only certificates were given for academic excellence. Why is it so?

SC: The academic certificates are not the responsibility of SAC because SAC is involved only in the extra-curricular activities of the students and not the academic activities. However, we help the academic section with the process. Another factor responsible was the fact that this year, there was a paucity of time as the elections were held after the usual schedule and the process of buying souvenirs is costly as well as time taking.

MM: How is the distribution of clubs done into the different societies?

SC: The division of clubs was done previously but after the restructuring of SAC, the clubs were divided into the newly formed societies based on the kind of activities they carry out. For example, the clubs whose activities are related to the field of literature, poetry, etc. would come under the umbrella of the Literary society and similar methodology is applied for the other clubs.

MM: When will the institute freshers be held?

SC: The Vice Presidents of all the societies are sitting for a meeting this Tuesday (22nd August), and only after that it will be decided as to when the instiute freshers will be conducted.

Response From HOD, Training and Placement Cell, Prof. S.K. Patel

MM: Currently the fourth year students are getting leaves for 12 days during the placement season which is very short. So, is there any chance for increasing the leaves for the students?

SKP: From the placement cell whenever a student is going for a placement process, we are providing them with leave. The academic section deals with the attendance policy and the Training and Placement cell provides extra benefits to the placement students by providing them with placement leaves. Regarding the increase in leaves, there is no such change and whatever system was in place the previous year, the same procedure is being continued.

Response From Assistant Registrar, Braja Bandhu Behera

MM: The application for GATE 2018, CAT 2018 and ESE 2018 will start from September 2017. The dual degree students have not received the provisional certificates which are essential documents for these examinations. Can you please give a date by which these documents will be provided?

BBB: We have started dispatching the certificates, but some students have pending dues or some other academic complications because of which the certificates are still being signed by the authorities. It takes hardly 15 days to receive the certificates after they have been dispatched, so you can expect to get the certificates by probably the first or second week of September.

Response From HOD, Computer Center, Prof. C.K. Biswas

MM: How was the internet available throughout the day on the weekdays recently? Has there been a change in NITR’s internet policy?

CKB: The NITR internet policy has been decided and approved by the Director and I only serve the purpose of implementing it. The internet facility that was available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the working hours because there was a special quiz organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate the 71st Independence Day, and so there internet was available throughout the day to enable students to participate in the quiz.

Note: Upon being asked about railway concession which was being provided to the students of NIT Rourkela previously, the Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas contacted the Deputy Registrar, Sri Bamadev Acharya. It was notified to us that the practice had been discontinued due to unknown reasons and quick actions are being taken to bring the policy back to its functioning state.

Team MM will keep posting about further developments regarding this matter.


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