The Discerning Delegation: RMUN 3.0

The Discerning Delegation: RMUN 3.0

Model United Nation Conferences aim to give students a rare insight into the diplomatic affairs and international relations. They not only provide a platform for exchange of ideas but also promote extensive discussions on several topics. NIT Rourkela hosted the 3rd edition of Rourkela Model United Nations (RMUN) on 19th and 20th August 2017. The previous editions of the event had succeeded in garnering popularity, owing to the spectacular display of enthusiasm by the student community. The 3rd edition of RMUN was organized by the students of I.G.I.T, Sarang in association with Cognizen Club of NITR. After much consideration, the organizing committee chose NITR as the venue and decided to bring Monday Morning on board as the Official Broadcasting Partner of the event. Albeit the event being subjected to a few adversities, the organizers did manage to induce potential improvement in terms of quality and content as compared to the previous editions. Team Monday Morning brings an account of the highs & lows of the elegant affair.


The Inauguration ceremony was scheduled to begin at 09:00 A.M, but due to transportation problems faced by the visiting participants, the program got delayed by two hours. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Sarada Prasad Nayak, Chairman of Rourkela Development Authority. The Key Note speaker for the Occasion was Mr. Prashant Nanda, Ex Union Minister. He addressed the gathering for 20-25 minutes and spoke about Disarmament and its analogies with Mahabharata. Due to the absence of Director of N.I.T Rourkela, the Acting Director, Prof.K.K. Mohapatra welcomed the gathered delegates and expressed his pleasure for the opportunity given to NITR of hosting such an event. The inauguration ceremony concluded with the felicitation of the guests.


The third edition of RMUN had two committees, namely the United Nations Human Rights Council and the United Nations General Assembly. The first session of the UNHRC commenced after the inauguration ceremony at 01:00 pm, followed by the first session of the UN General Assembly, which started around 01:15 pm.The sessions began with the validation of the delegates and the respective countries that each one of them represented. Then the agenda for the session was released by the members of the Executive Board. The agenda for the UN Human Rights Council was ‘Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms while countering Non-State Actors’ and for UN General Assembly was ‘Tackling the Issue of Disarming Terrorist Organizations’. After an hour long session of intense discussion, deliberation, and debate, the delegates moved for lunch at 02:10 pm. It was followed by the second session of the day, which started at 02:40 PM. The day came to an end with the UNHRC and the UNGA ending their respective sessions at 05:45 and 06:00 PM respectively

A similar procedure was followed for the second day of the MUN, which began at 09:30 AM and both the committees witnessed crucial proceedings during the course of the day. After the completion of both the sessions, all delegates assembled in Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium, which was the venue for the Felicitation Ceremony. Prithwesh Chakraborty was awarded as the Best Delegate of UNGA and Ashyukta Panda and Rohan Mikaelson shared the Best Delegate award of UNHRC. There were many delegates who were awarded during the Felicitation Ceremony. The attached info graph contains the further details:


The event suffered a few setbacks due to the lack of coordination among the members of the organizing team. The accommodation for the members of the Editorial Board and participants were arranged at Friends and Bharat Hotel and the members of the Organizing Team were supposed to stay at the hostels of NITR. The participants were satisfied with the hospitality and accommodation provided to them. However, they faced logistic problems while transporting from the Hotel to the venue of the MUN. The sweltering heat and humidity in the Lecture Annexes; where the sessions were held, was a matter of inconvenience. The delay in the commencement of the events was another visible instance of mismanagement. The organizing team faced a huge blow when Mr. Dilip Tirkey canceled his visit to the felicitation ceremony of the event. However, the agility and diligence of the Organising Committee along with the members of the Cognizen club saved the day and made the third chapter of RMUN a success as a whole.

Team Monday Morning reached Abhishek Patro, the Secretary General of RMUN 3.0 to know about his views on the event:

Organizing an M.U.N is akin to being a member of a Crisis Committee. A lot of unprecendented situations crop up; financial, administrative or logistical. What makes me glad is the fact that the Team of RMUN 3.0 stuck together to handle all the crisis. This helped us to live up to the promise of giving an unforgettable experience to the Delegates. I have mixed emotions about serving as the Secretary General Of RMUN 3.0. It was a huge responsibility and I am happy that the performance and response were beyond the expectations.  

Quoting one of the participants, as she expressed her experience at RMUN:

We got to learn a lot. The event was characterised by many fruitful discussions and an extremely co-operative executive board. We faced a bit of difficulty with the liaison officers, who were probably new to this system. As compared to the previous editions of the same event, there has been an asymptotic improvement in all spheres that encapsulate the event.

Rourkela MUN is definitely making its way into the dominant MUN circuits of the country and has received a tremendous response from the visiting participants.Team Monday Morning wishes that the future editions of Rourkela Model United Nations are conducted with the same enthusiasm and novelty and continue to give the students memorable experiences.                                                        

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