Serve and Smash : The Badminton Battle

Serve and Smash : The Badminton Battle

Aug 28, 2017 | Yash Shah

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The game of badminton is one of the most loved sport all over the globe as it’s a game which does not require a huge setup and can be easily played by all. The game has got numerous benefits, it develops athleticism, increases flexibility and endurance while making sure it perks up reflexes, intelligence, and productivity. 

The institute badminiton team conducted a friendly match between the institute team and the freshers’ team at the indoor badminton court of GD Birla Hall of Residence, last Thursday evening. There was a series of singles and doubles matches, each of fifteen points. The motive of this match series was to inspect the game skills that the freshmen possess. On the very previous day of the match, around forty students turned up for the orientations, out of which only seven were selected. The play started at around 6:45 PM with the matches to be held between the shortlisted ones and the institute team. The dignitaries present were Dr. Pranakrishna Rout and Prof. Tushar Ranjan Pattnaik, both of them holding the designation of Student Activity and Sports(SAS) officers in the Student Activity Centre.

Apart from the players, the boarders of GD Birla Hall had also come to witness the ongoing match proceedings, as they found it as a good option to spend their evening. Refreshments were served to the players and the dignitaries. The match referees were the members of the institute badminton team: Swapnil Sahoo and Anusmita Saha. The captain of the boys team, Nihar Ranjan Behera, the captain of the girls team Anusmita Saha, Vice captains of both the teams, Prashant Jangir and Sushree Suman presided over all the matches. The ex-captain of the team Gaurav Kumar Parmar was also present. Though the new inductees played well and displayed the best of their sporty skills, the players of the institute team were too well equipped to lose from the newbies. However, the audience which mainly consisted of freshmen of the G D Birla Hall of Residence cheered the freshers’ team and encouraged them.

The team inducted five freshermen and two sophomores into the team. Dignitaries present there advised the enthusiastic bunch of new shuttlers to skip a rope daily in order to perfect and enhance their badminton skills.

After the completion of all the matches, the inductees were informed that very soon the team would be starting with morning practice sessions, and they would be provided with ample amount of guidance to polish their present play skills. The team also announced that in the coming days they would commence evening fitness training sessions and court practice, thus ensuring a complete development of the badminton player inside them.



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