Conquering Perspicaciously: Chess Club Inductions

Conquering Perspicaciously: Chess Club Inductions

Aug 28, 2017 | Niharika Dalai

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Making smart and prodigious moves is what every discerning mind demands while playing the checkmate game of chess. The game that marks the wit and intellect of the contenders requires the skill of good wisdom and perception to conquer the virtual throne setup in the game. Having a set of very proficient and skilled players, the Chess club of the institute has grown leaps and bounds to become skilful enough to compete with the best. The chess club of NITR while aiming to improve the standards of the game at the institute conducted their induction programs on 22nd August 2017.

The induction of the chess club was conducted in the common room of Dhirubhai Ambani Hall of Residence. The event began with a brief introduction of the club and its achievements in the last few years. The induction process started at around 6 PM and there were approximately 20 students who turned up for the event. The students who participated included freshmen from BTech and MTech as well as few students who were in the second year of the MTech curriculum. At the beginning, the players were made to play with each other in a blitz match with a time control of 10 minutes and later matches were conducted between the contestants and the members of the institute team of chess. A total of 20 matches were conducted in the entire event. After the completion of all the matches that were scheduled to be conducted on that day, the event finally concluded at around 9:30 p.m.

The chess club was officially formed two years back with the aim of building a team for the players going for Intra and Inter NIT competitions. Since its inception, the club has been continuously levelling up with each achievement adding on to the success list. The achievements of the club include the Runners Up trophy at Inter NIT Sports, 2015 which was held at MNIT, Jaipur and the Runners Up at the annual sports festival of IIT(BHU), Spardha for 2015 and 2016. The club motivates its players by regularly conducting practice sessions to enhance their interests and skills.On being asked about the future plans for the team, the boy’s captain, Abhilash Kabi says,

We want to build a strong team and strengthen the abilities of our players. Two years back we had only final year students in our team but now we have a uniform distribution of students. We aim to grow and develop more skilled players.

Recently the captain of the girl's Chess team of the institute, Aliva Dash stepped down from the position and Sri Nikhila has taken over the mantle from her. The newly appointed captain will deliberate with the team and the date for the inductions of girls will soon be finalized. The club is now all set to get another batch of extremely efficient and ingenious players by their side. Team MM wishes the institute chess team all the very best for its future endeavours.



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