Emulating The Art of Self Defence: Martial Arts Club Orientation

Emulating The Art of Self Defence: Martial Arts Club Orientation

Aug 28, 2017 | Rohit Dash

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Best Defence is a Good Offense.

Largely mistaken as a combat style, martial arts is in fact an approach to life. Analogous to life, it is also the journey of a white belt that never gave up on its path to become the black belt. The official martial arts club of NITR named “Martial Arts Club” (NITR-MAC) is one such group of enthusiasts who strive to provide this understanding and implementing Martial Arts into an enthusiasts lifestyle.

Inviting other such aspirants, NITR-MAC held its orientation on 22nd August Tuesday, in LA-101. The orientation was initially supposed to begin at 5:30 PM but was delayed to 6:30 PM, allowing more number of participants to turn up. However, even after delaying the orientation by an hour the total number of attendees remained a mere 5.

Owing to a low turnout, the initial plan to have a projector based presentation was scrapped and the club members sat with the attendees for an informal conversation where they laid bare the stories of their struggles, their journey and subsequent victory(s). Kishor Kumar Bora, the president of NITR-MAC coordinated the orientation along with the other club members, where at first they introduced their little family of martial arts enthusiasts who had won many accolades in various state and national level martial arts competition.Then he went on to narrate their tales of winning Gold in the below 50-kg weight category in the Kumite Competition held in December 2016. The competition primarily deals with the Kumite form, which is one of the three main sections of karate training, along with Kata and Kihon.

The club itself is plagued with issues that refrain them from evolving at a pace they wish to. Denied a budget by the Student Activity Centre, they face difficulties in organizing workshops and have to spend from their own pocket for participating in events. Nevertheless, they have shown remarkable success with outstanding performance in the events participated by them. Achievements like striking gold in competitions where in the participants are from countries like Japan, China which have a rooted martial arts culture participate, speaks volumes about their understanding and dedication towards their craft.

With some strategies and plans in the pipeline, the club is slowly evolving out of its cocoon it had long been hiding with the help of the aspirants who are ready to push to the greatest extent to reach the zenith.Team MM wishes NITR-MAC a successful induction and a successful year ahead.



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