Elucidating Catechism: Ask A Question 5.0

Elucidating Catechism: Ask A Question 5.0

Team MM, in the fifth edition of Ask-a-Question, gave the authorities the third degree, took note of the procedural uncertainities and brings to you the solutions to the myriads of questions rising in the minds of the NITR junta.


MM: Why don’t most of the core companies allow dual degree students to get a job in their enterprises though it is a MHRD approved course? Can a talk with the recruiters by the dean academics change the scenario?

KKM: I disagree with the fact that the dual degree students do not get an opportunity to sit in the core companies. The enterprises have their policies regarding the recruitment of students which is hard to change. The TnP cell has been putting a lot of efforts into it and has also been been successful in convincing some of the companies to recruit dual degree students. But, there’s still time for a revolution to happen. We hope that the scenario changes for the better with time. 

MM: The OE classes start at 11 am, also the department classes get over at 11 am. It takes time to travel between the departments. Some of the teachers mark the students as absent by the time they reach the class. Is there a possibility for a rule to be passed regarding the time at which attendance is being taken in the OE classes?

KKM: We cannot make it a law but rather I will circulate a courtesy email about this issue to all the teachers because this problem comes from a few percentage of faculty and students. A little bit of adjustment has to be done by both the students and teachers as making it a rule will be very stringent and may lead to even more number of issues.


MM: Can the students be provided with the list of the companies that are coming for recruitment beforehand?

SKP: No, the students cannot be informed the names of the companies because some of the companies confirm/cancel at the last moment and there’s nothing that the TnP cell can do about it, as it is solely the decision of the visiting company.

Moreover, if the data above is disclosed beforehand, there’s a possibility that other NITs or other institutions might get to know about it and try approaching the company before us. This might prove to be detrimental for us as the enterprise may not visit our campus if it can recruit scholars as per its requirement from the other institution.


MM: The Independence Day certificates seemed just a formality without any appraisal, and some certificates are also missing a serial number, which is void outside the institute. Why isn’t the work of the SAC secretaries and conveners considered worth?

SP: This issue has already been brought to the notice of the authorities. Since the serial number was handwritten, it was observed that some of the certificates weren’t numbered. Having taken the complete responsibility, the certificates without the serial number have been taken back and will be issued only after they have been assigned proper serial numbers.

Moreover, this year only certificates were given to felicitate the awardees on Independence Day, unlike previous years when mementos were also presented. This was because a proper procedure needs to be followed for arranging mementos in such a large number. Since this time the SAC elections were held later than the usual schedule, mementos could not be bought and given to the students.


MM: The hostel rooms previously used to be clean on a weekly basis but as of now the cleaning staff never comes to the room on a weekly basis. Is it a neglect on the part of the cleaning staff?

PS: The rooms are cleaned on a regular basis. I had a discussion regarding the same with the caretaker of the hostel the previous week and was asserted about it. It might be possible that the room is locked and hence not cleaned. But it is made sure that the cleaning staffs visit each and every room on Sunday for the cleaning purpose.


MM: The videos and still shots that were taken by the SAC arranged camera of the events like Innovision and NITRUTSAV are not shared with the students. Why so?

DC: The photos which are to be shared with the students are the ones clicked by the Third Eye photography club. The private photographer, which you are talking of has a different budget allocated which is included in the micro budget of SAC. These photos are kept in SAC and are not shared with anyone, not even the faculties. 


MM: It has been brought to notice that the street lights are mostly not illuminated in the Scholars’ Avenue. When can we expect change?

EO: This has been strictly taken into account, as Scholars’ Avenue is one of the busiest corridors of NITR and witnesses its peak hours in the evening. The safety of the students is our primary concern and we are well aware of possible consequences. A similar case has also been cited along with the Library-TIIR corridor. The street lights are dysfunctional there also.

We have already chalked out an effective plan and have even hired contractors for the same. However, it is the monsoon which restricts us from initiating any repair works. No major electrical repair works can be carried out until the departure of the monsoon. There will be no fruitful impact if we carry out the work and it gets wasted due to the rains. The permanent repair works will commence as soon as the weather conditions improve.


Q: Why there is no single interview of Chief Warden in this semester? Previously alternate interviews of CW and Director were taken, however, I observed that only one interview for a month is given by Director and no single interview by CW.

MM: Team Monday Morning interviews the Director and the Chief Warden once every month. Considering the fact that the Director was interviewed on 31 July 2017, the readers can expect an interview of the Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas in the upcoming issue. 

Following his maiden interview with MM on 13 February 2017, Chief Warden, Prof. Manoranjan Barik has persistently denied an interview with MM without citing any definite reason for the same. Despite repeated requests for an interview, all attempts at securing an interview have failed, as the Chief Warden has completely stonewalled MM as well as any attempts for negotiation. However, we are trying our best to schedule an interview and are hopeful to be able to get an interview at the earliest. 

Q: When will MM Live be updated?

MM: Owing to the busy schedule of the placement cell during the initial placement season, we have been unable to gather data for the LIVE section. However, we are hoping that the LIVE section will come alive by the month of October. 

Q: The mentors for the SCP were selected by a group of students, some who were part of MM and some others. What is the guarantee that the selection was fair enough? I personally feel that I was capable enough to be a mentor but was not selected as a part of the process. If the team considered the student's work as a part of the selection criteria then I am confident enough that I have worked pretty sincerely for a very active organization when compared to some who were not even part of a single organization/club.

MM: The selection of mentors was done based on the responses received in the google form which was circulated by Prof. K.C. Pati, PIC, Student Counselling Programme via webmail. The form presented real life scenarios to the potential mentors along with the multiple options as to how they intended to tackle the same. Based on the effectiveness of the answers suggested, the final decision regarding the selection of mentors was taken. The criteria for selection was not the number of PORs a student has held during his tenure at NITR, but rather an understanding of the situation presented and the answer furnished. For further details kindly refer to this article below.


However, if you do feel that you have been deprived of the opportunity to become a mentor, kindly contact Prof. K.C. Pati, PIC, Student Counselling Programme. 

NOTE: All the questions addressed towards the Director will be taken up in the upcoming edition of the Director’s Desk.


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