Photoshop 101: Design Tab Workshop

Photoshop 101: Design Tab Workshop

Aug 28, 2017 | Amlan Arman

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The pleasant evening of Tuesday and Wednesday witnessed an enlightening open class on Photoshop conducted by Design Tab in LA-114 which later shifted to LA-317. It was a two-day workshop where the students were taught the basics of Photoshop and its application to make enticing posters. The systems of the students were installed with Photoshop CC to render a suitable environment to design and create.

Day 1: 22nd August 2017

Initially, the projector failed to work and there were some technical snags at the starting of the session. Yet, it could not seize the enthusiasm of Design Tab members who overcame the obstacles audaciously. They assisted all the students personally and managed the entire workshop efficiently. The students were taught the basics of Photoshop. The members of the club went from student to student to ensure that the learners didn’t miss the tidbits of the basics. Finally, a presentation was showcased which encapsulated the various activities which can be furnished using Photoshop CC and Illustrator.

DAY 2: 23rd August

The second day of the workshop started with an interactive session from the senior members of the club wherein they asked the enthusiasts about their vision of designing. Reciting the basics which were taught in the last session, the students were taught how to design a poster. They were demonstrated to make a poster using four separate pictures and were given the task of making a poster for a musical night.

All the students who attended the workshop applauded the club for such an illustrious workshop. The entire club was appreciated for their efforts and hard-work. The club even promised to provide more of these workshops soon and they expect the NITR populace to attend these wholeheartedly.

Despite numerous odds, Design Tab managed to conduct the workshop and it was indeed a great success. Team MM wishes the club and its members a great year ahead!

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