An Amiable Welcome to the Newbies: Metallurgy Freshers

An Amiable Welcome to the Newbies: Metallurgy Freshers

Niharika | Aug 28, 2017

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As a new batch of freshmen ushered into the new phase of their life, the sophomores with a great enthusiasm had organized a warm welcome party for the newbies. On a pleasant evening of 23rd August, LA-214 had witnessed 45 naïve freshmen who were present to celebrate the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering freshers. From the previous day onwards, the sophomores had started their preparations from arranging the food packets and sound system to inviting the faculty members. With great exuberance, they decorated the room and organized a successful event.

The program commenced at 7:30 pm and was hosted by Niharika Dalbehera, Abinash Behera and Vishal Sharma. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the senior most professors of the department. Then, Prof. Sudipta Sen and Prof. Mithilesh Kumar were called upon the stage to give a pep talk to the freshmen. They advised the students to utilize the myriad of opportunities which will come across their paths and motivated the freshmen to concentrate on their academics while enjoying their stay in NITR.

Furthermore, a cultural program was presented by the freshmen to keep the spectators enamored. Palak Bharti and Shiny Lohani performed on the groovy tunes and captivated the audience with their enthralling moves. This was followed by a melodious poem recited by Ankush Gautam and a mind-blowing hip hop dance performance showcased by Chinthada Guna Sai. Moreover, a group of boys which included Anirudh Devulapally, Raj Manik, Yash Kumar and Satyaket Dash flaunted their moves and fascinated the audience.

Meanwhile, a questionnaire was distributed amongst all which consisted of a set of witty and well-crafted questions. Based on their responses to the aforementioned questionnaire and various other parameters, the freshmen were scrutinized. After a positive interactive session, Palak Bharti and Shantanu Nitin Kor were awarded as Miss and Mister Fresher respectively.

The hard work of the organizers paid off well and the event turned out to be a great success. Team MM wishes the freshmen a wonderful and successful year ahead.


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