Experience vs Enthusiasm: Basketball Inductions 2k17

Experience vs Enthusiasm: Basketball Inductions 2k17

Aug 28, 2017 | Manasa Pisipati

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The Games and Sports Society of NITR which comes under the Student Activity Centre(SAC) organised an Institute versus Freshers Basketball induction match for men on the 23rd of August 2017. About 26 aspirants turned up for inductions which are a noticeably large number compared to last year. The match which was scheduled to start at around 6 PM was delayed by around 45 minutes and started at around 6.45pm instead. The match was played in four quarters with each quarter lasting for around fifteen minutes and continued until 7.40pm. The referee for the entire match was Sukanth Dhar who is also the coach of the institute basketball teams.

There were several dignitaries present during the match like Dr P. Rout, Dr T.R Pattnaik, Prof Purnima Joshi who are the Student Activity and Sports(SAS) officers and Prof Snehashish Chakraverty, President, SAC.The number of students that came to watch the match was also significant.

Mukes Kumar Apat was the captain of the institute team and the fresher’s team had no designated captain as such Shanu Kumar, being the senior most player in the team was made the manager of the fresher's team.

Even though the institute players dominated the match since the beginning, the freshmen put up a good fight throughout the match. The first basket was scored by the institute team within the beginning five minutes of the match. Half time was at around 7.10 following which the courts were exchanged. The juniors made a strong comeback in the final quarter of the match where they scored the most number of baskets. The match ended with a score of 53-16, with the institute team clearly proving to be the better team that night.

Once the match ended, each student was provided with two eggs and a bottle of juice to rehydrate themselves. Speaking to the captain of the men's team, Mukesh Apat on his views about the match and the future of the men’s basketball team he was quoted as saying,

The playing style of the freshemen was good overall but they lacked  coordination because they still need to learn about team spirit. We will have regular practise within NIT and against local basketball teams from Rourkela to improve the coordination and team chemistry. The team’s aim is to win the Basketball tournament to be conducted at IIT(BHU) in Spardha, that comes in the month of October. So we will start rigorous training soon. I’m looking forward to working with the new bunch of players.

Regarding the women’s basketball team, this year four new students were inducted. The captain, Nandita Tigga has stated that the date for Women's Institute vs. freshers match has not been decided yet. She said:

The biggest issue with the women’s team is that the team members are unable to find one common date to practice together. One of the reasons being that the team is dominated by fourth years, who are currently busy with their placements.

She also mentioned that the women’s team needs to improve its coordination which can only be done through rigorous and regular practice. The captain believes that the team is not yet ready to participate in inter-college tournaments like Spardha, the official sports fest of IIT(BHU). However, plans for the women’s basketball team include Intra NIT tournaments and matches against local teams like RSP Girls’ Basketball team.

The experience of the institute players combined with the excitement of the new, young players made the match all the more interesting to watch. Team MM congratulates the institute basketball team and wishes them all the very best for their future matches.



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