Raiders vs Defenders: Kabaddi Orientations And Inductions

Raiders vs Defenders: Kabaddi Orientations And Inductions

Sep 04, 2017 | Zakiya Ali Nishanth

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Kabaddi is derived from a Kannada word ‘kai hidi’ which means to hold hands.

Kabaddi is a team sport in which two teams compete, each occupying their own half of a roughly rectangular court. They take turns in sending a player (raider) into the opposing team's half and earn points if the raider manages to tag opposition team members and returns to the home half, all while chanting the word "kabaddi". However, if the raider is tackled and prevented from returning, the opposing team gets the point.

The Kabaddi team of NITR held its orientations cum inductions from 28th to 30th of August in DTS. On the very first day, the interested students were updated with the basic rules of the game along with a brief introduction of team members and the past endeavours of the team, which included the victory in various inter- NIT matches. They were also informed that the team bagged gold in Spardha- an all India sports festival organized by IIT-BHU back to back for two years, until the last year’s tournament in which the team couldn’t win but managed to be the runner up.

On the second day of the orientations cum induction program, practice sessions were carried out in order to acquaint the students with the essential know how’s of the game. On the last day of the three days program, a friendly Institute vs. Fresher’s match was played at around 6:30 PM. Out of the 20 people that had come, a team of 12 members was selected, out of which only 7 were allowed to play while the rest 5 were kept on standby. The selection was made on the basis of their performance in the practice sessions conducted on the previous day. Among the 12 new inductees, 4 were sophomores, while the rest were fresher’s. Although the fresher’s team depicted great perseverance and fought fiercely, they had to taste defeat as the Institute team was well equipped with the nitty-gritty of the game.

At the end of the match, the inductees were assured that the results didn’t matter as they were a novice to the game and they were promised that they would improve with time. With sheer determination and regular practice, they could surely be a part of the team in the forthcoming Inter-NIT matches as well as the various sports festivals. Lastly, the newly formed team was informed of the upcoming practice sessions and were instructed to attend them regularly.



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