Team Hockey Orientations and Inductions

Team Hockey Orientations and Inductions

Sep 04, 2017 | Yash Shah

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The institute hockey team conducted its orientations cum inductions on last Wednesday and Thursday in the evening hours at the Dilip Tirkey Stadium(DTS). Presently, the team consists of nineteen players. Among the newbies, seven were freshers and one was a sophomore.

On the first day of the orientations, newcomers were informed about all the safety precautions related to the game. Next, the institute team players taught the newbies some basic skills like dribbling, passing, tapping and stopping. A club senior educated the new batch about various techniques of the game and also explained about the field rules and other important regulations. Team MM asked the students about what attracted them towards the game of hockey, to which one of them said that he was highly fascinated by the moves and tactics of the game, another said that he wanted to explore this game and had an interest in it.

At present, the institute hockey team is confronting many problems and difficulties. The hockey sticks allotted to them by the institute are not up to the mark, the nets of the goal posts are torn and ruined. Moreover, the illumination of the play area is not at all satisfactory, it is dim and causes an unnecessary hitch while the team practices at night.

This year, the team plans to conduct practice sessions every weekend at the hockey stadium of Rourkela Steel Plant. They plan to appoint an expert coach as well. The team aims to participate and win upcoming inter-college tournaments in Spardha, the sports fest held at IIT(BHU), Varanasi and NIT Surathkal. The team falls short of some safety equipment which they will be procuring soon.

The captain of the team, Kumar Sanu who himself is a national level hockey player, foresees to call some of the professional players of the country to guide and mentor the players of the Institute team. Apart from daily practice at the DTS, the captain also plans to continue the practice sessions in Durga Puja holidays as well.

Team MM congratulates the hockey team for having conducted successful orientations cum inductions and wishes best of luck to them for all their future tournaments and games.



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