A Cordial Welcome: Institute Freshers 2K17

A Cordial Welcome: Institute Freshers 2K17

Sep 04, 2017 | Niharika Rohit Dash

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An inception of extravaganza unveiled on 31st August in BBA, where the NITR junta gathered to welcome the institute freshmen. It was organized by the Literary Society of SAC and the volunteers had put in their sheer efforts to make it a success. The entire auditorium was well lit and floral decoration adorned the stage, making it a cordial sight for all. Mesmerizing set of performances by various clubs were showcased to captivate the attention of masses.

On-stage Delights:

The program which was scheduled to start at 6 pm was delayed and commenced at around 6:45 pm. Despite the time lag, the spirits of NITR junta could not be dampened. The enthusiastic anchors Deepak and Aishworya kept the audience on their toes and presented the entire course of events.

The spectacular evening kick-started with the amazing performance presented by Euphony, the official rock band of NITR. People cheered and applauded to the groovy tunes of “Yellow” and “Numb”. Finally, the breath-taking performance ended with “Demons” which thrilled the audience to their core.

Next up was Heartbeats, the Fusion band of NITR. Everyone in the audience attended to their musical chops as they performed “Attention” followed by a soulful classical rendition by Sachin Nambiar. By this time the audience was swooning over the beauty their ears could feel, what they didn’t know was that one of the best performances of the evening, a duet by Amrutha and Suchetna awaited them as they sang “Dil Mera muft ka” and everyone from the in-house audience to those standing outside applauded and cheered in praise.

Drill N Bass, the Digital music producing and EDM club of NITR made the audience tap their feets and cheer at the top of their voices with a unique fusion of some of the chartbusters which included songs like Shape of you, Rockabye and many others. The highlight amidst them was “RAP GOD”- with an apparent strength of about 6.5 words per second, sung with perfection by one of the newbies of the club, Kishore. Drill N Bass managed to keep the audience hooked as they continued to attract their attention and were rewarded with an energetic response.

Subsequently, Monday Morning - the official student media body of NITR introduced a short video called NIT Rourkela Freshers where Team MM interacted with the freshmen to find out about their experience, their problems and their life in general at NIT Rourkela till now. Although the audio output was not very sophisticated the video was very well received by the audience, who cheered and applauded to every frame. 

After this, the event shifted gears to a drama performance by Ritvic, a drama club of NITR.They performed a play named “Aaj Ka Akbar” which intended to tickle the funny bones of the audience by presenting a scenario of Akbar’s court in the contemporary times. Sprinkled with witty dialogues and interesting characters such as Piddu Paaji, Baburao etc, they struck a chord with the audience who went roaring with laughter.

Just when the audience was done wiping their happy tears after the incessant laughter provided by the previous play, the stage was conquered by Synergy, the official dance club of NITR who performed a well choreographed and an even well executed set on songs like “Tu Hai Wahi”, “Radio” and much more.It was a feast for the eyes and the audience was tapping their feet with joy.

This was followed by the performance of Mavericks. Executed with sheer perfection and with utter gaiety, their performance made the audience restless as they screamed at the top of their voice, cheering loud and went grooving in unison with the performers.

Furthermore, a play was presented by Pantomime and its plot revolved around “Underrated Depression”. It narrated the menace of Depression in the society through a witty and engaging storyline. People were left pondering over this crucial issue which had shrouded the stage of BBA.

Finally, Synergy’s second & final performance of the evening marked the closing ceremony of the program. Infused with tremendous energy, the surrounding was filled with an uncanny delight. Towards the end, some part of the crowd joined them on stage and the event concluded on a happy note.

Furthermore, the central air conditioning system was shut down after 8 pm thus resulting in unease among the audience of the BBA. This created distress amongst the students and many of them left the event midway due to this reason.

In a candid chat with freshmen Nikhil Sharma, he said:

The event was really spectacular and it was fun! Only if the AC was working, it would have been better.

Team MM caught up with Debasish Mishra, Art & Cultural Society convener, Second-year constituency, to get his views on the overall management of the event and he cited the following issues

Around 100 chairs of BBA are not in functional condition adding to the already low capacity for an event inviting the entire NITR junta, thus audience were standing which created problems for those sitting on the back.

Despite such minor technical errors, the event was a huge success owing to the efforts of the members of Literary and Arts and Cultural Society, the members of various clubs, concerned authorities and the freshmen.

Team MM wishes the freshmen a wonderful and successful year ahead.

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