Get, Set, Go: Athletics Orientation

Get, Set, Go: Athletics Orientation

Sep 04, 2017 | Amlan Arman

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The track and field community of NITR organized its induction on 24th and 28th of August 2017. As many as 25 players turned up for the induction process on the first day and 7 turned up for the second one. Athletics is a sport which needs rigorous training and physical fitness. As of now, the captain believes that all the players have a potential which can only be unlocked through practice.

Day 1: 24th August 

The proceedings for the 1st day of the induction process started at 6 pm. There were nearly 25 athletes waiting to be inducted into the track and field community. The SAS Officers along with present members of the institute team took care of the proceedings and ensured that it went smoothly. The players were asked to exercise regularly to remain fit. They were made to do drill exercises and some other forms of exercises instead of only running.

Day 2: 28th August 

The second day of the inductions started at the usual time of 6pm but ended rather earlier as the number of students turning up reduced to nearly 3 times of the number in the first day. The students on the 2nd day were also made to exercise hard.

Among the 30 athletes, the captain has further confirmed that four of them can make it to the institute team owing to their present fitness and stamina. However, the captain is hopeful to make a formidable team by the end of this semester and be well prepared for the Inter-NIT tournament.

Team MM wishes luck to the athletics team for its future endeavors.



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