Extolling The Glorious Past: An MHRD Initiative

Extolling The Glorious Past: An MHRD Initiative

Sep 04, 2017 | Saumya Agarwal

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The Ministry of Human Resource Development in collaboration with SAC, NIT Rourkela, and NDFC is organizing ‘New India by 2022’ to mark the anniversary of  75 years of Quit India Movement, and 70 years of Independence of India on 6th September 2017. It is desirable that this momentous occasion should be celebrated with an objective to create a festive and patriotic mood across the nation and this event is created to involve every citizen of this country in the mission of realizing the vision of New India, which is clean (Swachh) and free from poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism, and casteism. Thereby, two resplendent events are scheduled on this Wednesday by SAC.

The first event MANTHAN is scheduled from 9 to 12 noon, at BBA on the theme of ‘Brainstorming Session of the Youth.’ The discussion would be conducted under 6 development themes for a resurgent and sustainable future of the nation namely:

  • Theme 1: Information Technology.
  • Theme 2: Food, Health, and Sanitation.
  • Theme 3: Energy and Environment.
  • Theme 4: Material and Mining Resources.
  • Theme 5: Shelter and Infrastructure.
  • Theme 6: Good Governance and Management.

It would be an open discussion where youth can make their voices heard on the topics of paramount importance alluding the aspects, current scenario, and future prospects of the above-mentioned themes, with respect to our nation. Student participation will be managed by a process of online pre- registration as the scope of accommodating participants is limited. A Google Doc is released for registration which covers fields like personal details, two chosen themes (from the above mentioned), two questions that the participant would want to raise and the issues which would be put forth for the discussion. Registration will be done on or before 5th September 2017 by 12.00 noon on first come, first serve basis. 

Visit the following link for registration: https://goo.gl/forms/Ni2qRPhuNbzQ07UQ2 

Drafting and proceeding of each sub-topic will be done by team MM and the final draft comprising all the discussion and points raised by the students will be sent to MHRD.

The second event in the evening, ‘Yeh India Ka Time Hai’ will be a concert by the rock band, ‘SPAN’  in BBA from 7 to 9 p.m on the same day. It is a Kolkata-based band which is lately gathering a lot of praises for reviving 80’s glam. It also offers heavy metal songs and provides an amusing experience of music.

Team MM hopes that event will witness an exhilarated participation of NITRians on the remarkable day, thereby marking 70 glorious years of our nation.

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