The Healing Edifice : Institute Dispensary

The Healing Edifice : Institute Dispensary

The dispensary is an essential cog in the wheel that is NIT Rourkela. The Health Centre, headed by Dr. Champak Bhattacharya, plays an integral role in matters seeking medical attention. The rigid rules and timings of the dispensary, however, have always been a matter of conflict for the NITR junta. In an attempt to pacify the students’ doubts as well as to provide clarity about several factors associated with the dispensary, Team MM brings you a complete breakdown of the all the policies and rules concerning the institute dispensary.


The dispensary is open for 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. At times when there are no doctors on duty, one can always contact the on-call doctor, who is available 24*7.

The dispensary has a total of three (permanent) doctors, Dr. C. Bhattacharya, Dr (Mrs) Anindita Debata and Dr. Sameer Patnaik. In addition, the health center also has three visiting specialist doctors, Dr. S. N. Mohapatra (Senior Consultant in Medicine), Dr. Rupali Biswal (Gynaecologist) and Dr. G.C. Patri (Consultant Cardiology).


The institute’s dispensary located behind the KMS hall of residence and in-front of the REC school is a two storied building, attached to a well-functioning Apollo Pharmacy thereby catering to all the medical needs of NITR Junta. The ground floor encompasses three cabins for the doctors, one dressing room, a reception-cum-computer center, and a waiting hall. Patients can directly visit the doctors in their respective cabins during their hours of duty. Apart from this, there are two separate chambers for visiting doctors and a conference hall on the first floor. However, the presence of four vacant rooms leaves the majority of the space of first-floor un-occupied. On enquiring about this issue, the HOD, dispensary Dr.Champak Bhattacharyya answered,

If considering the present number of doctors, the ground floor is sufficient. The first floor rooms will be occupied with an increase in the number of doctors.


Equipment & Other Amenities

Currently, the dispensary is equipped with one oxygen cylinder which meets all the requirements of an outdoor based (on spot check up without admitting patients) dispensary. Since there are no beds for hospitalization of patients, dispensary works in collaboration with nearby CWS hospital for any serious medical issues.

The prescribed medicines can directly be availed from the Apollo Pharmacy beside the dispensary thereby meeting all the therapeutic demands. In addition to the above facilities, a medical vehicle serves its purpose in emergency conditions. It can be reached by contacting the PIC, Sri Anup Mohanty (Contact number: 9437306577).

Leaves and Referrals

The problem concerning the procurement of leaves is something that concerns a majority of the NITR junta, with frequent complaints from the student body about the leaves not being sanctioned even in genuine cases. Speaking about the same Dr. C. Bhattacharya was adamant that no student can claim leaves; leaves would only be sanctioned if the doctor sanctions them. He clarified the fact the no genuine case shall ever be harrasssed and in cases of emergency leaves shall be granted by the medical officer concerned. He further went on to say

Leaves are not a matter of right and the sole authority to offer medical leaves rests in the hands of the doctor.

Since the health center is outdoor based, it does not have any life-saving equipment. For cases which require services beyond what the health center can provide, the patient is referred to CWS or IGH hospitals. Again, the power of referring any particular case to CWS or IGH hospitals lies solely in the hands of the doctor. In case of emergency, a special referral note may be obtained from Warden, Assistant Warden or Security Officer.

New Ventures

  • Ambulance: The dispensary recently initiated a 24*7 functioning ambulance to cater the urgent needs of students in the institute. The service was launched on 9 September. The ambulance is well equipped with facilities like an oxygen cylinder, first aid, ECG etc. 

  • Employment of new staff: A nurse and a professional dresser will be joining on the basis of job contract by mid-September. To expand the working hours then the number of doctors should be hiked. Despite the fact that the dispensary has 3 regular doctors, to keep the dispensary to functional on all days then a minimum of 3*2 + 1(standby) = 7 doctors are required.

Keeping an eye on the concerns of parents, Dr. C. Bhattacharya assured,

The parents need not worry about the health issues of their wards since the doctors are available in all cases of emergency.

Team MM hopes for the successful accomplishment of the projects and smooth functioning of the Institute’s dispensary.

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