The Aquamarine Arena: Annual Open Swimming Competition

The Aquamarine Arena: Annual Open Swimming Competition

Sep 11, 2017 | Animesh

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With much pomp and an enthusiastic turn-out, the All-NITR Annual Open Swimming Competition was held last Saturday, i.e. the 9th of September at the Swimming Pool, ASF Centre beside the PT Usha Sports Complex. The event saw a holistic participation comprising of several students, faculty, staff and family members as well. The event was inaugurated by our esteemed Director, Prof Animesh Biswas, and graced by dignitaries which included Prof Snehashis Chakraverty, President, Student Activity Centre(SAC), Prof S Panigrahi Dean, Student Welfare, Prof. R.C Pradhan and Prof N.K Vissa, the 2 Vice Presidents of Games and Sports Society along with Dr,.P.K Rout and Dr. T.R Patnaik, the Student Activity and Sports(SAS) Officers and a few faculty members. The pool was well lit and the lane ropes were readied beforehand. The outside facade of the ASF centre was decorated with bulbs and a covered dias with seating arrangements were made for the event. After registration, the participants under various categories lined up at the starting line while the time-keepers, judges, volunteers, record-keepers and pool trainers coordinated the races and checked that all the rules were followed.

The entire event was organised very smoothly and quoting the words of Prof R.C. Pradhan and Prof. N.K Vissa:

Credit must go to the team and the organisers for an excellent work in organising the event. The event started and ended in time. We also got a lot of interested students and campus children participating this time. Even with a very busy schedule, our Director  attended the event himself and the Games and Sports Society, SAC is thankful to him; as well as all the students, coordinators and volunteers. Overall the event was a grand success.

With no hiccups throughout the event and a fine conducive weather situation, and excellent coordination between the organisers, the event was a major success this year, according to the Prof. R.C. Pradhan. Still, one stark blemish in the evening was the fact that in spite of repeated webmails and plenty of invitations, the overall participation was quite lower than expected, especially given the fact that even snacks and other refreshments were served and a lot of arrangements were made for the audience. Lack of participation also led to events like the 50m butterfly to be scrapped altogether and a few events saw only 3 to 4 contestants registering. However, given that there are the approaching exams the turn out was quite decent and in according to Prof. Snehasis Chakraverty, President, SAC, it was mostly a success on the students’ part. As for the faculty and staff, he expects that participation will improve in the upcoming years.

The complete list of winners is given below:

The Podium Finishers
Category-Women, 50m
1Venu Pandit41.382
2Asmita Poddar49.443
3Shweta Padrangi1.01.370
Breast Stroke
1Aishworya Roy1.00.489
2Asmita Poddar1.03.559
3Rashmita Chatterjee1.14.485
Back Stroke
1Venu Pandit54.035
2Aishworya Roy1.01.578
3Rashmita Chatterjee1.41.835
Category-Staff (Men) 50m
1Ranjan Kumar39.467
2Salkhu Marandi44.466
3Mahendra Gattu51.82
Breast Stroke
1Salkhu Marandi51.833
2Ranjan Kumar1.00.975
3Parmananda Pandit1.13.96
Category- Staff (Women) 50m
1Anwesha Pal1.34.495
2Preeti Kumari1.40.00
3Payel Sengupta1.41.10
Breast Stroke
1Payel Sengupta 
2Anwesha Pal 
3Preeti Kumari 
Category-Students: Boys
50m Freestyle
1Rajat Kumar Dalai30.537
2Animesh Anand34.87
3Kulmani Mehar35.923
100m Freestyle
1Rajat Kumar Dalai1.18.979
2Sriker Paturi1.24.690
3Yogesh Singal1.37.359
50m Back Stroke
1Sriker Paturi41.97
2Kulmani Mehar42.066
3Kiran Kumar48.80
100m Breast Stroke
1Avilash P1.50.868
2Somasekhar Reddy1.59.435
50m Breast Stroke
1Poojari Kiran Kumar45.92
2Avilash P48.677
3Somasekhar Reddy48.776
Category-Campus Children Under-12 50m
Girls Freestyle
1Aadhya Okade2’47”866”’
2Aradhana Panigrahi2’19”32”’
3Sritika Mishra3’08”59”’
Boys Freestyle
1Magnesh Nayak1’23.057”
2Rohit Kumar Jena1’27.266”
3Rohan Raj Pradhan1’38.32”
ConsolationDivyanshu Sahoo1’47.046”
Category-Campus Children Under-19 50m
1Aniket Dash35.310
2Pyush Kumar Sahoo35.571
3Sai Jagannath Tripathi37.844
ConsolationPrateek Das 
Breast Stroke
1Aniket Dash44.696
2Pyush Kumar Sahoo54.56
3Sai Jagannath Tripathi57.383

The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony at 8.30 PM along with a photo-session and the Dean (Student Welfare) who was present for handing out the trophies to the winners, declared the event closed for this year with a note of appreciation for the participants. Team MM was informed by the authorities that all the student contestants will be informed shortly about their certificates.



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