‘Racing’ In The Veins : SAE Orientation

‘Racing’ In The Veins : SAE Orientation

Sep 11, 2017 | Team MM

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At some point in time, every one of us wonders what goes into making a vehicle? The thunderous sound which the beasts make, gets the adrenaline flowing, not only of the who is having a firsthand experience but also of the one who watches the vehicle speed in front of their eyes. Our institute prides itself in having a Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE) chapter, which has two teams- Team Road Runner(TRR) and Team Black Mamba Racing(BMR) under its canopy. The SAE chapter of NIT Rourkela and all the motor vehicle enthusiasts of NIT Rourkela assembled at LA-417 on the evening of 4th September 2017 to attend the SAE orientations.

The event didn’t start at its scheduled time of 6 PM and was delayed as the organizing team was not able to get a proper spot to fix the projector which they had procured by themselves to showcase the presentations for the evening. After much deliberation, they finally decided to start with the programme and Asimanshu Das, the President of the SAE Chapter at NIT Rourkela took the lead and introduced the world of SAE to the newbies. In his 10 minutes long addressal, he gave a brief introduction to what SAE is and its scope and myriad possibilities at NIT Rourkela.

The focus then shifted to the individual teams under the SAE chapter at NIT Rourkela and Abhijeet Behera, the Vice Captain of Team Road Runner took centre stage. He went to explain what goes behind making a vehicle and how the team sweats it out at late night in the workshop to get the vehicle up and running. He also explained the different facets related to making a vehicle such as garnering sponsorship, having sound knowledge of the working principles and also knowing a thing or two about the purchase procedures through the Student Activity Centre(SAC). He also made them count the numerous achievements by TRR over the years and how they have built a legacy of their own.The interaction also included details about how having practical knowledge helps in keeping the students ahead of their counterparts when it came to bagging internships and campus placements.

Meanwhile, the organizers failed to get the projector woes sorted and finally opted to go without it. However, the audience were shown various video clips of the BAJA SAE India event in 4 laptops, which beloned to the organizers. Following this, Debasis Choudhury, a member of the Team Black Mamba Racing addressed the gathering. He gave a brief introduction about the various BAJA chapters all over the world and also made the audience count the various achievements of the BAJA SAE chapter of NIT Rourkela since 9 years of their establishment. He differentiated between an All Terrain Vehicle(ATV) and a Formula Racecar, thereby explaining how the two teams vary from each other. He went on to explain about the various rounds which one needs to qualify, to be a part of the mega event conducted by BAJA SAE INDIA chapter and for providing the details he passed the baton to Shivam Rai, Captain, Team Black Mamba Racing.

Shivam Rai went on to explain the various tests which an All Terrain Vehicle needs to pass to be in the contention to win the final lap, the endurance test at the BAJA SAE India annual event. He explained the various static and dynamic events in detail and also provided a first-hand experience of his from the previous academic year’s event. This was followed by an Auto Quiz which was conducted by Dushyant Bhagwan Mishra,,Manager, Team Black Mamba Racing. The attendees who were able to answer the questions correctly were given chocolates and a chance to directly go into the Personal Interview(PI) round of NIT Rourkela SAE Chapter inductions which will be held later.The organizers then informed the students that they will be having open classes relating to the various subsystems of a vehicle after the Mid Semester Examinations and invited everyone of them to attend it.

Speaking to Asimanshu Das, regarding the future plans of the SAE chapter, he was quoted as saying:

This year we are starting a mentoring programme which would allow the freshmen to interact with the professors directly which in turn would motivate them to take up research from the first year itself.  We are also thinking of new programmes which would attract more number of students to join the club. Also, we plan to strengthen our sponsorship team.

Team MM wishes the SAE Chapter of NIT Rourkela all the very best for the coming academic year and we hope they keep bringing laurels to our institute.



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