A New Initiative: Swacch Hall Abhiyan

A New Initiative: Swacch Hall Abhiyan

Sep 11, 2017 | Rohit Dash Deepak Kumar

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Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, an initiative by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to fulfill the dream of Clean India as once visioned by Mahatma Gandhi, has been one of the most effective and fresh initiatives that are still taken up voluntarily by the residents of the country by conducting cleanliness drives time and again.

In tune with the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, the boarders of SSB Hall of Residence took an initiative by starting the Swacch Hall Abhiyan this Sunday, on the 10th of September.

The Swacch Hall Abhiyan began with a plan to maintain cleanliness in and around the halls of residences on the campus. This cleanliness drive began at 9 am, and almost all the residents of the Hall turned up for this noble cause. All the open areas in the hall were cleaned, the scattered leaves, figs, and all other wastes were collected and were taken to a disposal site by using a disposal van. After cleaning, the sites with the risk of becoming the breeding grounds of snakes were bleached.

The Director of the Institute, Prof. Animesh Biswas who was present for the occasion, was quite pleased to see the boarders working so enthusiastically for this cause. Upon meeting with Team MM, he inquired about the feasibility of having such a drive in all other hostels. The Warden of the S.S Bhatanagar Hall of Residence- Prof Swapan Kumar Karak, was himself present at the site, and took active participation in coordinating the entire operation. In a chat with Team MM, Karak sir was quoted saying:

We got this idea from the reporters of Monday Morning who had appropriately pointed out the difference in the cleanliness of the front garden and the inside playgrounds and thus we decided to take action on this. Cleanliness and maintenance are the two basic things that need to be done and this drive is a basic initiation for the bigger objective.

The air of enthusiasm was visible at the site as all the boarders actively cleaned the areas. One of the boarders was quoted saying:

In retrospect, instead of spending a Sunday morning lazily in front of our laptop screens, it is indeed great to put effort into something like this. Finally, SSB has got a dynamic warden who does and makes others to participate for such work.

Thus the event concluded on a successful note and all the boarders and participants of the Abhiyan were provided with refreshments. Team MM congratulates the HEC of SSB hall of residence for having conducted a successful drive and wishes to see other halls implementing the same in the near future.



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