Hoping For A Better Future: The Infrastructure Review

Hoping For A Better Future: The Infrastructure Review

Nishanth Sandeepan Mohanty | Oct 09, 2017

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NIT- Rourkela boasts of one of the largest campuses in the country. With luscious greenery and soaring buildings across the campus, it is truly a combination of natural and man-made beauty. To improve this beauty, and to cater to the need of students, the Department of Planning and Development had undertaken several plans. The progress of the construction has been going up and down ever since. At the middle of the semester, when there are new hopes and responsibilities, Team MM takes a closer look at the status of several ongoing construction projects on the campus.

The Golden Jubilee Building:

The most attractive piece of construction which is going on in the campus is the Golden Jubilee Building. There won’t be a person in NITR who hasn’t noticed this soaring structure. One of the most awaited structures since 2013, when the work on it had started, the completion has been delayed by almost a year due to a heavy shortage of funds. Despite such problems, the construction of it has gained pace in the last couple of months and the Department of Planning and Development hopes to complete its construction by May 2018.

Lecture Annexure-2:

The Lecture Annexure-2 or LA-2 as it is known among the students was a project taken up by the Department Of Planning and Development back in 2013. The main objective of the project was to solve the problem of space crisis and to make a common platform for all theory classes. With the majority of the work being accomplished, the construction of LA-2 can be expected to be completed by November 2017.

Mechanical Sciences Building:

The most awaited building for all the Mechies of NITR, the construction of this structure was initiated in 2013 to house the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Industrial Design. With almost 35 crores allotted for this project, and the project gaining momentum in the last couple of months, it can be expected to be completed by December 2017.


Status of Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plant faced a couple of minor problems like cracked walls and plaster coating since its installation. These were repaired accordingly. A major change which took place since the installation of the plant was the reduction of the number of levels in the oxidation chamber. Because of the overflow of water at the top, the number of levels were reduced from 5 to 4.

The Ramp Issue:

The construction of ramps had been proposed long back by the committee but the work had been delayed. The MHRD had also granted funds for the construction of the same. When this issue was put forward to the current Dean (Planning and Development), this was what he had to say-

The construction of ramps will also be included in this year’s budget. The previous Dean Prof. C.R. Patra had actually included the construction of ramps in the budget of 2016-17. However, those couldn’t be implemented. The finance committee needs to approve the budget for the construction. The next financial meeting will be held at the end of September after the Annual Budget is prepared. So we are expecting the work to start by February or March 2018.

The Department of Planning and Development also plans to install 10 lifts in the Golden Jubilee Building and to construct ramps in LA-2 as well.

Apart from the mentioned ones, there are a couple of more projects going on in the Institute. Here is a table which presents you the information about the ongoing projects in the institute:

Name of the Building:

Budget Allocated:

Date of Commencement:

Expected Deadline:

Golden Jubilee Building

80.77 crore


May 2018


23.11 crore



Mechanical Sciences Building

34.14 crore



Faculty Residence- 1

34.76 crore


30.09.2017( 3BHK)

31.12.2017( 2 BHK)

New Faculty Residence

21.93 crore

October 2015

June 2018


The New Budget:

The total budget for the upcoming year has been 302 crores. This amount will be used for the following projects:

  • 1 Girls Hostel
  • 2 Faculty residences
  • 1 married hostel
  • Mechanical sciences building
  • LA2
  • Golden Jubilee building
  • SAC Complex(Indoor Stadium)

    (The new budget distribution hasn’t been given because the authorities were reluctant to share the details of the new allocation.)

Plans down the pipeline:

Apart from the ongoing work, the Department of Planning and Development had also proposed several new projects for the Institute. One of them is the Indoor Stadium, which has been approved by the BOG.
The indoor stadium is supposed to be constructed in the hostel area. The stadium will be named as SAC Complex and it will include multiple courts of badminton, squash, billiards and other popular sports. The work will start after the finance committee approves the budget which is estimated to be around 25-30 crores INR.
This project will be third on the priority list after Mechanical Sciences building and LA-II.

Some of the other proposed projects are new buildings for Department of Architecture, School of Management, and construction of a hostel for the married students. Team MM wishes the Department of Planning and Development good luck in the completion of the proposed structures and taking NITR to new heights.


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