Addressing Dubiety: Ask a Question 7.0

Addressing Dubiety: Ask a Question 7.0

Niharika Yash Shah | Oct 09, 2017

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In the 7th edition of the Ask a Question for the current session, Team Monday Morning brings up multiple issues left unresolved to satiate the queries of the NITR junta. A myriad of doubts has thus been comprehended.

Response from Dean Academic, Prof. K.K. Mohapatra

MM: The whole institute is depending on just 2 Bio-metric machines as some of the machines are non-functional. What steps can be taken in this regard to fix the problem?

KKM: There is a need for an increase in the number of biometric machines and its proper functionality has to be taken care. Sometimes, it goes out of order. So, we have placed orders to procure more machines but the purchase of the latter is getting delayed.

MM: Already 2 students have left MSc. 1 year Applied Geology and many more are opting for the same. A general consensus for the same seems to be the fact that the faculty is being forced to teach the subject which is not of his/her interest. What are the plans to boos the faculty strength of the Department?

KKM: There is a Faculty Recruitment Program scheduled to be held in December and soon the Department of Applied Geology will have new faculties. However, the assumption that the freshmen of MSc. are leaving the institute because of the shortage of faculty is not exactly correct.

MM: According to the Institute Calendar, Sept. 1st was a holiday on account of Id. But the same is not shown in Bio-Metric Attendance instead, students have been marked absent on that day. Will it be updated?

KKM: 1 September 2017 has been declared as holiday and soon the problem will be resolved. Most probably it will be updated by 9th of October as the concerned authority is unavailable at present.

MM: How is it possible that an OE of the second-year student was changed to the most preferred OE although his/her CG wasn't top notch? Under what conditions the OE of a student can be changed?

KKM: Normally, Open Elective of the students are not changed after their allotment. However, if the Head of the Department gives a strong recommendation in favour of the change, then only we consider it. We permit the change of OE for Life Science students who have been allotted with a Maths OE and vice versa. So, in such cases, we can consider the change in OE. The algorithm of the allotment of OE does not run only in accordance with the CGPA system.

MM: Are M.Tech and Dual Degree students allowed for an industrial six-month internship in their year?

KKM: No, the M.Tech and Dual Degree students are not allowed for an industrial six-month internship. They are only allowed for 10 weeks of internship on the consent of the Supervisor and HoD i.e. May, June, and July. However, there is a provision of collaborative research where the faculty and student formulate a problem together that can be solved by an industry.

Response from Vice President, Games and Sports Society, Prof. R.C. Pradhan

MM: There is only a single indoor badminton court in the campus. Since it is the only indoor facility, it is used for practice by the institute badminton players till 9:00 pm. However, the gates to the facility are closed after 9:00 pm leaving the gates through GDB as the only accessway. After 9 pm the Ph.D. students play there and the guards do not allow B.Tech students to go inside the court while they play. Can the timing be extended and allowed for all?

RCP: The indoor badminton court in G.D. Birla is open for all the students and no one can deny their access to it. I will inquire on this matter and soon action will be taken.

Response from Monday Morning

Q: What is the procedure for getting WLAN port repaired in hostel room?

MM: A form of the reparation of the LAN port has to be filled by the student which is available both in the Hall of Residences as well as in the Chief Warden’s office. The duly filled form should have the sign of the concerned authorities - Warden and Chief Warden. Finally, it has to be submitted to the office of Chief Warden for further processing.

Response from Registrar, Mr. SK Upadhyaya

MM: When will the security deposit come for students who cleared degree in 2016?

SKU: As some students have opted for becoming members of the NITRAA (NITR Alumni Association), so we have advised the finance department to deduct the NITRAA membership amount from their security deposits. The balance would be refunded in the students’ respective bank accounts latest by November 15th.

Response from SAC President, Prof Snehashish Chakraverty

MM: What is this new club by the name C-Cube that is visiting all first years and convincing them to join their club by paying Rs.150. The club is similar to VOICE club that the seniors described. Is this an official club as this is not mentioned in the list of clubs under various society?

SC: This is not the responsibility of SAC, the Student Activity Centre never gives any permission to any club, to collect such registration fees. Through Monday Morning, I would like to inform all the students not to pay any such fees. It is because already in the semester fees Rs. 2000 are deducted as student activity fees. The club is not known to me, I will get back to you as soon as I get the complete information related to this club.

Team MM contacted the members of the concerned club and got to know that the VOICE club which used to deal with interdisciplinary spirituality and rejuvenation until last year changed its name to C-Cube as an ode to digital India. 

Responses from Central Library

MM: How to search our desired book location in our central library from our laptop, is there any site/IP address for that?

CL: First, get your PC connected to nitrkl server, then visit (IP: wherein you can search for your desired book in the search bar visible at the top of the webpage. If you cannot find your book in the search results, then check once again in old catalogue whose link is also provided on the same page. 

Response from TnP Cell

MM: What is the criteria for selection of eligible branches for consulting companies like Deloitte, since CH is allowed but MM, MN, CR are not?

PS: There are no such eligibility criteria, it solely depends on the visiting company, but the institute tries its best to make the placement session open to all branches, for such analytics and software oriented companies. Even in other institutes like NIT Surathkal, Deloitte allows only certain branches to sit for its placement rounds.


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