Advent of the Gala of Technocrats: Innovision 2K17

Advent of the Gala of Technocrats: Innovision 2K17

Ankit Kumar Panda Manisha Rath | Oct 09, 2017

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Innovision, the largest techno-management fest of NIT Rourkela will be organized from the 3rd –5th November. With barely a month left for the inception of the fest, the organizing committee is leaving no stone unturned to make the event a mega success. The organizing team released their new logo as well website for the current session on 6th  October at BB Auditorium in the gracious presence of the Vice President, Technical Society, SAC, Professor A.K. Swain thus officially initiating the preparations of the most awaited fest. 

The event scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM was delayed by an hour. Despite this delay, the audience was fervent. The host for the evening, Pradhyumna Rao kept the audience engrossed and presented the entire course of events.

Following this was the launch of the modified Innovision logo by the guest of the evening. The logo was designed by a senior, Arnav Kumar Tripathy. The new logo did away with the old logo used since the last few years. The logo consists of a wheel portraying the revolution in technology by the young minds of NITR. The image below depicts the various ideas leading up to the build-up of the final logo. Furthermore, it is made in a monochrome shade to facilitate its usability in multi-coloured backgrounds. On being asked about the ideas and the time taken for the logo Arnav said,

I researched and collaborated ideas from technical fests of other institutes and thought of something symbolizing and correlating the technology and students of our institute.

Next event for the evening was the website launch for the fest by the guest for the evening. A lot of new features have been added to the new website thus making it faster and more responsive. Moreover, the website will also be used as a platform to declare the winners of various competitions and events. The list of participants for the event will also be uploaded on the website as well. 

Furthermore, there has been an introduction of the user profile in the new website, that would help the participants to know about the events they have registered for along with the timing and the stipulated location. The idea of sending a soft copy of the certificates to the winners on their respective registered mail IDs is the most striking feature of Innovision 2017  done purposefully to avoid chaotic circumstances during certificate distribution.  Along with this is the addition of the Innovision social regime. This mainly focuses on the ideas and inputs from the students regarding the technical help they can provide to the society. Overall, the website seems to cater to the needs of both the organizers as well as the participants. On being asked the web team head for Innovision 2017, Sudha Priyadarshini said,

The website has been designed to keep up with the theme of digitalization such as the distribution of certificates needed a lot of paperwork previously, but now it is much simplified. I also feel the new website is more advanced and revamped in the best possible way.

Following this was the initialization of the registration process. The first registration was done by Prof. A.K. Swain. Registrations have been declared open to all from 6th October onwards. Conveners of the fest then focused on an essential change in Innovision 2017, i.e. Innovision Social Regime which is a platform through which NITR can help the people not financially but technically. Speaking to Prof. A.K. Swain about the idea of Innovision Social Regime, he says,

We need the help and ideas of students of NITR because this is the largest fest of the institute and a huge platform for helping and returning to the society.

The event concluded with a brainstorming discussion session focusing on improving in the grey areas of the previous years to have a more upgraded Innovision. With the respective teams starting to work towards making Innovision a fun and frolic fest, Monday Morning wishes them all the best for organizing a sucessful fest.


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