A Sneak Peek Into The Homeliest Abode: M.V. Hall Review

A Sneak Peek Into The Homeliest Abode: M.V. Hall Review

Deepak Kumar Rohit Dash | Oct 09, 2017

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For all the students who get admitted into NIT, there is a drastic change in surroundings, students leave their comfort zones, and settle far away from their parents and place. But the charm of the campus lies in the fact as to how quickly it makes one feel at home. The journey of all the boys on campus begins at either GDB or MV Hall of residence, one of which becomes their home for the first year of their study. Both GDB and MV serve as an abode to the 1st year students pursuing B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D courses. Team MM went to peek into the details of the hostel maintenance and the woes and comfort of the boarders of the MV hall of residence.

The total budget allocated to M.V Hall of Residence is approximated to be 9,60,000 INR, which is allocated mainly for security, maintenance, sports, and the running cost of the hall. Being a hostel for the 1st year students, the security is tighter than the other hostels, as the B.tech students residing in the hall have an in-timing of 8 PM and a register is maintained for all the students who go out of the hostel after 5:15 pm.

Although this is an important and necessary restriction that is imposed on the students to counter the menace of ragging, the students have complained lately citing this to be a nagging issue to the General Secretary. In a recent meeting between the elected secretaries and the Hall warden, this issue was taken up and the students were assured that this matter will be brought up in the upcoming HMC meeting and will be resolved as deemed fit by the authorities.

The hall has 3 blocks. The A and B blocks have double tier rooms and the rooms in C block are single tiered. All the rooms are provided with basic items necessary for an individual, which includes a study table, a chair, and a LAN port. Also, the rooms have been furnished with curtains. But some rooms in the B block have only one functional LAN port. Upon asking the warden about this issue, he replied that: 

The matter is being looked into and will be resolved soon, it was supposed to be completed in the summer but the funding got stopped midway and the work was paused.

The general notion of the residents of the hall about the R.N Patel Cafeteria is quite positive in the aspects of food quality, mess hygiene and the overall functioning of the mess. Also, the change in the mess menu was welcomed by the populace. A common and persisting issue of the mess menu has been lack of variety in the food for vegetarians, which is promised to be resolved whenever the next change in menu will be incorporated.

Apart from the mess, M.V hall of residence boasts of a well-functioning day canteen that caters to the cravings of the boarders during the daytime. The hall also has a night canteen to satisfy the late night carvings and boarders are quite satisfied with the variety and type of food being offered in the night canteen. 

The hall of residence has well-maintained washrooms with all the geysers, mirrors and washbasins being in proper condition. But missing showerheads in some washrooms are a cause for concern. The outcome of the review of the washrooms conducted by Team MM is as follows.

Bathroom NumberGeysersWash BasinsMirrors



As one can see, that the washrooms are well maintained, with all the assets being in working condition.

M.V. hall has a well-furnished and well equipped common room with a television set, along with a sufficient number of chairs. Apart from this, the common room also boasts of two table-tennis sets and a carrom board. The sports facilities in the hall are decent with two badminton courts and authorities have also planned to construct a volleyball court. The badminton court needs some basic maintenance before the winter kicks in. Also, some amount has been allocated to purchase new sporting equipments for the boarders. The gym, inaugurated last year, is running properly but has not been functional since the puja vacations, an issue pointed out by the boarders. The hall is equipped with a safe and secure cycle stand. Till now, no issues of theft has been reported.

Image of the Badminton court which needs immediate repairing.

M.V. Hall continues to set an example of cleanliness to all the halls across campus, with its ever-clean and well-maintained corridors and surroundings. In a conversation with the warden of M.V Hall, Prof M.R Tripathy, Team MM asked him as to what his objective is for his tenure and he was quoted saying:

In my tenure, I wish to make MV the most well maintained and disciplined hostel among all the halls on campus. We are taking steps to achieve this and hope to be successful. Till now, no major complaintes have been received and in case we recieve complaints from boarders, we would immediately react to solve the issue.

Team MM hopes that the few persisting issues of the boarders are resolved quickly and the well-maintained streak of M.V Hall of residence continues.


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