Unbiased, Undeterred and Unshaken: Celebrating Eleven Years of Glory

Unbiased, Undeterred and Unshaken: Celebrating Eleven Years of Glory

Team MM | Oct 10, 2017

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What started eleven years back, as a brainchild of Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi and with the visions of two undergraduates Chinmoy Mohapatra and Shrivinas Ron, has established itself as one of the largest campus media bodies of the nation. A growth, which can be only be described as meteoric, Monday Morning, has evolved over the years transcribing itself as one of the active proponents of change in the campus. An organization forged by the rationale of likeminded individuals with a vision to provide a platform to fellow colleagues to express, know and understand about the happenings of the institute, Monday Morning’s role has transcended beyond that of a newsletter as it has successfully established itself as a bridge between the NITR junta and the administration.

It all started as a single page HTML template and with the popular saying ‘Does Monday Morning have more members than readers?’ The current scenario is the culmination of the efforts of ten batches of zealous individuals keen on making NITR better. The HTML template was upgraded to a Beta page in 2010, which only acquired sophistication with the advent of Joomla in the following years. The year 2015 marked a spike in MM’s portfolio with the launch of a full-fledged fast, responsive and fresh website, coded in HTML-CSS. Nitrutsav 2017 marked a pivotal point in Monday Morning’s history with the release of Monday Morning’s own android app on Google Playstore, making it the first campus media of the nation to do so.

Technical changes apart, Monday Morning kept adding new feathers to its cap and kept the ever-growing process intact year after year. With the impeccable trust and support bestowed upon it by Prof. Sarangi, Monday Morning never shied away from questioning the credibility of the decision makers and presented a candid review of every façade of NITR, whenever the need be. With the introduction of new sections like CGPA (Cool and Glamorous Professor’s Adda) and InterNview, Monday Morning expanded its horizon and presented untold, inspiring stories to the readers. To foster the institute-alumni relations, it added the Alumni tab, thus enabling a platform where alumni can share their experience and keep the readers informed about the latest happenings on the alumni front. The Career and Live section were added, featuring details of every single placement as well as internship offer bagged by the students. The latest addition to the feather has been the inclusion of ‘Ask A Question’, thus providing the reader with an opportunity to post a question anonymously. Monday Morning takes up the responsibility to gather the answers thus satiating the queries of the readers.

In the year of 2014, the maiden installment of the annual print issue set sail, marking MM’s first move into uncharted territories, outside its prescribed web domain. Released during the annual convocation, and featuring intricately detailed articles, appealing illustrations, and infographics, the print issue provided a major boost to the readership of MM, thus broadening its reach to each and every room in the hostel. Unveiled during the institute orientation of 2017, the first edition of the Mini Print Issue was born. The 4-page issue, distributed exclusively among freshmen was aimed at educating the newbies about the various factors in play at NITR, thus helping them through their transition from home to hostel. In the spring of 2015, when frustration was at the peak in the campus owing to bizarre and unexplained regulations, Monday Morning successfully organized the first ever Open House Discussion in the history of NITR, thus providing a pulpit for the exchange of opinions between the authorities and students. The OHD brought about a slew of changes in the institute, thus addressing and helping in the redressal of multiple issues at NITR.

Monday Morning has always aimed to clear the air of doubt among its readers, to bridge the gap between authorities and students, and to make student leaders and authorities accountable for their positions and responsibilities. Despite the rise, we have never forgotten our humble roots, our basic principles of integrity, humility, and righteousness. It’s with the same undying passion that we report the happenings on our campus, it’s with the same curiosity with which we raise pertinent questions, and it’s with the same zeal that we strive to ensure a better tomorrow for NITR.

As we complete eleven years today, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who had been instrumental in this journey, our founder and patron, Prof. S.K. Sarangi, without whose support and guidance this journey would not have been possible, our pathfinder, Prof. J.Pradhan, Prof. J.P. Kar, and Prof. A.K. Rath who have stood beside us in all our endeavors and guided us whenever the need be and the past ten batches of Monday Morning who have strived and sacrificed to ensure that the organization and NITR keep growing with every passing day.

The journey has never been easy. There were times when our credibility was questioned, abuses and accusations of incompetence were hurled, and there were also mornings when the authorities decided to keep us away from you, but it has been the ever-growing trust and support of our readers and their constructive criticism that has helped us sustain and grow in the last ten years. It has been you, our reader who has been our biggest strength, whose support has helped us to grow stronger year after year and for whom we strive every Monday Morning.

This Monday when you browse through the articles on Monday Morning, or check out the wits-dom, we would like you to take a moment to appreciate the time and effort invested in the publication of an issue, while you savor the flavor every article has to offer. On completion of eleven years of Monday Morning, we would like you to ‘Feel for MM’, the mantra MM has preached and followed since its inception, and we promise you that we will keep making your Monday Mornings remarkable.


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