Homecoming of Conquerors

Homecoming of Conquerors

Udghosh, the Annual Sports Meet of IIT Kanpur was held from 12th -15th October 2017. With multiple teams coming from premier institutes of all parts of the country, the event offered a common platform for the students to exhibit and hone their skills in various fields. In this exhibition of sporting fervor, the various teams of NITR proved their brilliance like never before. The teams that had gone to participate and their respective positions in the tournament are as follows:


Position Secured



Kabaddi (Men’s)






Basketball (Men’s)

Pre-quarter stage



In a tete-a-tete with Prof.T.R Pattnaik, SAS Officer of the Institute, Team MM found out details of NITR sports community’s voyage to victory at Udghosh 2017. The excerpts from the interview are as follows:

MM: How was your overall experience at Udghosh, IIT Kanpur? Did you face any major problems?

T.R.Pattnaik: The commute and accommodation in the campus of IIT Kanpur were very smooth. The hospitality provided to us was very well-organized. From food to facilities, every single aspect was taken care of and the reimbursement processes from the Institute is also complete.

MM: What are the no.of teams and participants that the NITR contingent comprised of? How was the Performance of each of these teams?

TRP: The NITR contingent comprised of 6 teams: Hockey, Kabaddi, Handball (men’s), Kho-Kho (men’s), Basketball (men’s) and Chess (Men’s). The strength of the contingent was 68 students, along with one accompanying teacher. The Hockey team emerged as champions. The Kabaddi team ended up being the runner’s up. The Handball and Kho-Kho team appeared 3rd in their respective categories. The Chess team finished 5th in their division.

MM: It is visible that NITR Sporting community’s performance has shown a remarkable improvement compared to the previous year. Udghosh was the first intercollegiate event this year, and Spardha and Inter NIT are coming up. What do you attribute this improvement to? Also, what steps are being taken to improve the performance in the subsequent events?

TRP: Regular and systematic practice, discipline and motivation have been the prime reasons for the improved performance. Most of the teams have shown a very high level of dedication in this academic session. We failed to provide a coach to the Hockey team because it could not be done on such a short notice. Despite that, they emerged as champions. However, we will make sure that all the teams are provided with coaches for the Inter–NIT events. To maintain the balance and to continue this type of performance, we expect the students to show discipline and to regularize their practice. Intercollegiate events are highly competitive and require demonstration of true sportsmanship. My message to the students for the subsequent events would be:

Sportsmanship is more important than winning or losing. Stay fit and play regularly. Whenever you go to intercollegiate events, make sure that you are perfectly disciplined, as you are not only representing yourself as an individual, but also the Institute.   

Here is a detailed report of the performance of the various teams:


It was the first time that NITR participated in Udghosh hockey tournament. In this edition, only the men’s team was able to participate, and the women's team could not make it. The tournament witnessed the participation of 7 teams, which were divided into two pools, with one pool having four teams and the other one with three teams. Kumar Shanu headed the team of NITR.

NITR was pooled with IIT Kanpur (Team B) and IIT Roorkee. In the first match, unfortunately, NITR lost from the cup holders IIT R by 3-0. It became a do or die for NITR in the second match against the home team IIT K. And NITR surfed the tide successfully by winning the second game and qualifying for the semifinals with a score line of 4-2. It was an enthralling semi-final against IIT Delhi, as the game went on to a penalty stroke stage and NITR pulled it off with a score line of 2-1. The finals were against the IIT Roorkee, who had already beaten the team in the league stage, but fate had different plans this time as NITR lifted the cup in its debut at the event.


Team MM got in touch with the winning captain, Kumar Shanu, and this is what he had to say:

It was a very tough tournament for us, and every single match was competitive. The team comprised of many new members, who performed well above the expectations. We would like to thank our senior members for helping us emotionally throughout the journey. The organizing committee did a tremendous job and everything was well-planned. 


The kabaddi team of NITR was very strong and there were a lot of expectations from the team. Only the men’s kabaddi team participated in the event. There were eight participating teams and they were divided into two pools, with NITR being in the pool with Echelon Institute, BRCM, and IIT Kanpur.

The team qualified from the league stage quite easily by beating IIT K and BRCM in the first and second rounds by 19 and 26 points respectively. The difficulty increased for the team in the semi-finals while playing against NIT Trichy. But the team managed to give their best and won the match by a narrower margin of 8 points. Unfortunately, in the finals, the team failed and had to settle for the silver medal.

Alok Kumar Sahu, a member of the kabaddi team, said:

We went into this tournament without most of our senior players; the juniors could step up to the occasion at the right moments. But the absence of experienced players was felt in the finals.

Although the kabaddi team was able to secure a medal, they are facing a few problems while practicing at NITR. The IIT K team, although new, has numerous grounds for practice whereas in NITR there is only a single ground and they also lack a proper coach for the team.


The NITR men's team took part in the tournament and the format of the game was such that six participating teams were divided into pools of three each. The leading team of each pool faced the runners-up of the other pool in the semi-finals and the winner qualified for finals. In the pool stage, NIT Rourkela defeated DTU and the host team IIT Kanpur by 15-8 and 13-5 respectively and emerged as the leading team in their pool. In the Semi-finals, they lost to NIT-Trichy but won the 3rd place after beating DTU by a stunning 18-8 score.

The Institute team Captain Birju Pal said:

The team’s defense was weak, and there was a lack of coordination. This can be contributed to the fact that the team does not have a coach and we don’t recieve any formal training. In addition to this, we practice in STSC where the lighting is not satisfactory. Despite constant requests to the Estate office, no measures have been taken to improve the lighting facility. Also, there is a general delay in the purchase of equipment as a result of which, the players are forced to buy their equipment to practice smoothly.


The Kho Kho men’s team of NITR participated in the Udghosh tournament. The tournament had 8 teams, divided into two pools; with NITR being in a pool with IIT B, IIT K (Team B) and IET Lucknow. The team described the competition as challenging compared to other intercollegiate sports meets. The team defeated IIT K (Team B) in the first league match by an inning and 12 points. In the second league match, it was defeated by IIT B but the team managed to qualify for the semi-final stage. In the semis, even after putting their best performance, they were defeated by IIT BHU. In the fight for the third place, it emerged as the bronze medallist after securing an elegant win against the home team.

Quoting the Captain of the team, Chanakya, on the performance in Udghosh and expectations from the subsequent tournaments:

The team needs to practice more to develop stamina levels and Skills. I have great admiration for my present team and I am certain that increasing the skills and stamina would make the team capable of winning a gold in the Inter - NIT.


The NITR men’s basketball contingent participated in this edition of the Udghosh tournament. It was a challenging tournament for the team, with 25 teams participating in total, and the teams being divided into 8 pools. NITR was plunged into a pool with SVU and MNIT. Unfortunately, after winning the two league matches, NITR boys could not handle the pressure and succumbed in the pre-quarter stage of the tournament.

The Captain of the team, Aditya Parasar has the following to say about the performance of the team and expectations from the upcoming tournaments:

Considering the level of competition, it cannot be denied that the team has endeavoured to perform spectacularly. However, minor shortcomings still persist and need rectification. Stakes are high for the subsequent tournaments and so are hopes. We will definitely ramp our efforts and practice much more to make sure that the team emerges as Champions in the subsequent tournaments.


The Chess team of NITR made its debut in Udghosh. There were four members of the team participating in the tournament. The competition had five rounds and the one with the maximum number of points at the end of the rounds was to be declared as the winner. Out of the five rounds that were played, only three rounds were won by the team and NITR ended up 5th in the tournament. The captain Sandeep Mehta had the following to say:

The senior members of the team are currently busy with the placements and GATE exam, hence they could not participate, which was a major drawback. The team was completely new and could not handle the pressure. There is also a lack of practice among the team members, had the practice been regular we could have done much better.


The primary issue which has come to light is the dire need of a coach who could give the teams of NITR a formal training in their respective sport. Adding to this, is the delayed procedure of reimbursement of train ticket fare. Talking to the team captains, team MM got to know that the ticket money for Spardha- IIT BHU (held in October-2k16) was reimbursed in the summer of this year. The authorities should make sure that all the procedures are completed on time such that this problem can be avoided.

Despite all odds, the various sports teams of NITR have proved their mettle again. Team MM hopes that the teams will keep up their excellent work and continue to bring glory to our Institute in the future.


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