Delineating The Legitimate Deliberations : Ask A Question 8.0

Delineating The Legitimate Deliberations : Ask A Question 8.0

Manisha Rath Samikshya | Oct 24, 2017

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To cater to the varied queries of the NIT-R populace, Team MM delves in further.

Responses From Members of HMC:


MM: Insects have been a major nuisance in the SD Hall soon after nightfall despite weekly fumigation in the premises. A variety and plenty of insects, winged and crawling, infest the rooms and get everywhere as soon as the windows are opened, even as high as the 3rd floor. When and how can this problem be solved?

GS of SD Hall: The gardens of SD Hall are neither well maintained nor are cleaned regularly. Earlier, 3 blocks were active in the hall but now the entire hall is occupied. As a result, the gardens of all the 6 blocks need to be sterilized regularly. But, the gardener of the hall demands twice the money that was being paid for the preservation of the gardens of the 3 blocks. This has led to messy gardens promoting the huge growth of wild weeds. Added to it is the unavailability of curtains and mosquito nets in spite of money sanctioned for the hall. On raising this issue in the last HMC, we were clearly instructed not to discuss this issue anymore.

Prof. Suman Jha, Warden, SD Hall: There is no such issue. The Hall is being regularly fumigated. In the last HMC, I along with the GS requested to provide the boarders of SD hall with mosquito nets to solve this problem and the Director is looking into this issue

MM: While there are so many new buildings lined up for completion of construction, what about improving the existing ones like SD. The entrance road connecting the main gate of SD hall has not been completed since a long time. The lawns have also not been made. The gym room is not yet open for the students although it is complete and has all the necessary stuff. There are lots. When will they be completed? I would like to urge the authorities to concentrate on finishing the left out work first.

Prof. Suman Jha, Warden SD Hall: The construction issues do not come under my jurisdiction. As per my knowledge, the gym is opened up for the students since the first week of September.


MM: There have been instances of insects in mess food of GD BIRLA not once but twice and everyone is afraid of reporting due to fear of mess secretary being a Ph.D. student.

GS, GDB Hall of Residence: There is no such issue. The boarders are free to contact any of the secretaries or the warden in case they are facing any difficulties. All their problems would be looked into and would be fixed to the maximum possible extent.


MM: Many geysers of the CVR Hall are dysfunctional. When asked about repairing, we get a reply from the caretakers that geysers will be repaired on a tender basis. Winter is very near. When will they send a person to repair?

GS, CVR: The geyser repair is done on a tender basis. A tender is passed from chief warden’s office for all the halls at a time and that is the reason for stalling. As the winter is approaching we understand the necessity of the proper functioning of geysers, hence we have already started working on it. All the geysers would be functional soon.

MM: Why did the general secretaries of girl’s hostel ask on imposing late entry time for boys?

GS, CVR: This is completely a misconception. We did not want to have a late entry for boys rather we wanted equality in terms of not having a late entry. Our purpose was to abolish the system of late entry completely.

GS, KMS: In the first HMC in the presence of Chief Warden, Director and other higher authorities they extended the late entry time for girls up to 11 pm without any prior discussion on it. We just pointed that the rules for both boys and girls need to be same. After discussion, the higher authorities extended the late entry rules for both boys and girls. At that point in spite of having a majority, none of the secretaries from boy's hostel protested against it. We also mentioned that we had earlier voted for a completely different thing regarding whether we wanted an institute late entry or hostel late entry, but no heed was paid to that statement

Vikram Sarabhai Hall of Residence

MM: Geysers have stopped working in many bathrooms of VS Hall. Though complaint has been given many times, there has been no response till now. When shall they get repaired?

GS: Geysers were supposed to be repaired within Durga puja holidays. I shall definitely look into the matter again.

MM: A large number of students usually go to VS on the day they have something special for dinner. This causes a shortage of food especially for the people who come late at around 9 pm. How shall this problem be resolved?

GS: Actually the problem arose because, in other halls’ mess menu, chicken biriyani was on Friday and in our hall, it was on Thursday. So other halls' students came to eat. Now the mess menu has changed and chicken biriyani is available on Friday just like the other halls. So, the problem has been resolved now.

Response from Mr. Suman Dutta, Chief Security Officer

MM: What benefit would CCTV cameras give when compared to increasing the number of security guards? If an incident happens, you can just see it later but if you increase and strengthen the security system, we can actually prevent the incident before it happens but with cameras, you would just see everything happening. What is the point in taking action after it has already happened?

MM: We have decided to put 252 cameras starting with 32 cameras that will be installed at all the gates including the gates of the hostels. The CCTV cameras will be installed by survey and safety committee. We are also inserting around 36 road grumblers in collaboration with civil engineering department to prevent the accident. The purpose of inserting the cameras is to collect the evidence about the accident.


MM: Why are students debarred for not attending pooled campus process? The location of the campus is mentioned just 3-4 days before and if the student wishes to drop from the process due to the location, he/she should be given a choice.

TnP: After getting selected through the online written test, if the candidate is not attending the pooled campus process, he/she is depriving another candidate of the opportunity of bagging a job there. Location of the campus is specified in the portal quite earlier. Just in few specific cases, the information is provided 2-3 days before and sometimes relaxation is also provided. For example, mechanical students decide to opt out of a pooled campus procedure whose location was in NIT Jamshedpur and they weren’t debarred.

Moreover, if a large number of people opt out, it would create a bad impression and from next time onwards, the company won't allow our students.

MM: Why is attending pooled campus a must in our campus even though many NITs give the option to students. Instead of debarring, can any punishment be considered by TnP?

TnP: In other NITs too this process is compulsory. Moreover, for our campus, it is very difficult to get a good company confirmed due to location and connectivity issues. So, if the students deny attending these, it would be very difficult to get every student placed.

As for the question of debarment, the students are debarred from attending the recruitment process of next two companies and not entirely from placements.


MM: Can the reading hall timings be increased till 12 at least during exams? This practice is followed in most IITs like IIT Kharagpur where the library opens till 12 on normal days and 24 hours during exams.

BJ: This has already been discussed by the management team that the time cannot be extended. Because hostels are closed by 11:00 pm and hence keeping the library open till 12:00 midnight isn't feasible.

MM: If a student issued a book and the deadline for returning the book is on 19th October which is a holiday for the library. Would the library fine that student if he/she returns the book the next day?

BJ: No, the library shall not fine the student. Whenever the library has a holiday, that day shall be skipped and the student shall not be fined. BPCL organizes user orientation program for the students where such queries could be answered and the students should attend it and clarify all their doubts.


MM: Recently a message was forwarded by you that the Director would present the entire expenditure within two weeks. What would you do with that?

UGR: The reason why restrictions are there on our campus is that our security isn't strong enough. The Director came up with a rule which would restrict the movement of both the boys and the girls and would force them to be inside their hostels after 11 PM. The question which I raised was the possibility of a safer campus rather than more restrictions. For this purpose, we require funds. The authorities started collecting INR 2500 extra from the autumn semester of 2016. Because of this, we had around INR 4 Crores extra per semester and Prof. S.K. Patel had mentioned that we were running with a negative balance of INR 2 Crores and the INR 4 Crores would be used to suffice for that. The remaining INR 2 Crores would be used to hike the security in SD, cover up the hike in the payment of the already existing forces and for other maintenance issues. But this year again there is a complaint regarding a negative balance of INR 1.8 Crores. This raises a question that if the money wasn't spent on security or clearing the negative balance, then where was it spent because no other change is visible. Getting a detail of the expenditures would help in questioning the Director that why did he not spend the money on improving the security instead. Restricting the movement of students wouldn't ensure their safety as recent incidents indicate that students are not even safe inside their hostels. This information of expenditure would be a key to our future approach to the director.


MM: How was the team for NIT Conclave selected this year?

MA: This year, we got the invitation very late. We had a meeting with the Dean and nominated some students as nodal officers. We along with the Dean proposed some names and these students were called for an interview-based selection. The selected students were then permitted to represent NIT-R in the NIT Conclave.


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